1. Tape the top part of the printer and scanner together
    • Tape the top part of the printer and scanner together

    • *note : I started with the paper trays already removed

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  2. Remove the 4 screw holding the front display panel.
    • Remove the 4 screw holding the front display panel.

    • Lift the display panel

    • Remove the blue connector and the ribbon cable gently

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    • Remove the 2 hinge screws on the back of printer

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    • Remove the support arm

    • Press the tab to release the clips, then when it's out gently pull towards you to release the back

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    • Remove the cover on the right side exposing the ribbon cable gently use the spudger in the tabs to release it

    • Unplug the ribbon cable and slid it out

    • *note for reassembly: the ribbon cable placement holders can be removed to make it easier to re-thread the ribbon cable by gently pushing down the tabs with the spudger

    how did you use the spudger to unplug the cable, you wouldn't think it is necessary to take a photo for this step to make our lives much easier!!!

    happylake - Reply

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    • Remove the Panel on the left side exposing the wiring connectors for the top of the printer

    • After dissconecting the connectors remove the hole top of the printer and place it safely out of the way

    you forgot to mention that the black and red connector does not pull out.. stupid idiot who wrote this!

    happylake - Reply

    • Remove the 15 screws to the cover

    • Remove the left and right side covers

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    • Remove the front corners by gently pulling upwards

    • Open the back paper jam cover.

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    • Lift off the cover and put aside out of the way

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    • Slide the clear print head guide wire off the tab on the right side

    • *note: put on gloves if you have not it can get messy

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    • Using a spudger, press down on the plastic housing of the park carriage that the print head rests on.

    • Slide the print head to the left freeing it to move

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    • Slide the print head left until it is at the end of the rail. You can feel it release (lift upwards when it aligns with the cut out notch)

    • Push the print head unit towards the back of the device and lift the unit from the back rail

    • Using the spudger, press the spring section of the white pulley

    • Release the conveyor from the pulley while the spring is still compressed

    • Remove the conveyor from the gear on the other side of the device

    My advice? DON'T purchase a brother printer. In as little as a month after your warranty is up, BROTHER Customer Service WILL DO NOTHING TO HELP YOU. I repeat, they will DO NOTHING TO HELP YOU. Brother Pri nters ARE A MONEY PIT just to keep them maintained, and if you don't print some misc. color print pages on "off" days that you don't use it, the print nozzles start to build up with dried ink. Now I know this posting is old but maybe I'll get a response. Step 13- am I to assume that you put the drops of h2o on folded paper towel b4 you rest the print head assembly on it? What does the paper towel/print head assembly rest on? Does it rest on the "park position"? Also, I am opting to do the shorter step as stated by F. Silva, in you comments section. I am aware that his is not a guide, per-say, and I will take that into account. Thank you in advance for your time.

    Ell norris - Reply

    • How to clean with paper towel

    • Tear a single sheet of paper towel in half. Fold the sheet in half several times until it is about 1/2 inch

    • Put the print head on top of the paper towel and put a few drops of distilled water for at least 15 minutes. This will soften the ink on the printhead.

    • Move print head assembly back to its resting position. You will probably notice that the paper towel now has one big black blob of ink on it. (There is so much excess ink on the print head that all the colors are mixing to make black.)

    • If you cannot clearly see individual colors, then dampen another spot on the paper towel and move the print head back over the newly dampened spot on the paper towel. Continue repeating this until you see all the individual colors.

    • *note: when reassembling be certain to move the print head back to its resting position (the extreme right side above the park carriage)

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for the guide. But I don't think you need to tear apart the printer to do that, just start a print cycle and when the printhead moves, plug the printer off. then you can freely move the printhead and put the paper towel under it.

Filipe Silva - Reply

Thank you! Thank you! I was getting no magenta ink at all - I tried this, took me 2 minutes and viola! It works perfectly now! Thank you!!!!!

Kris Smith -

Thank you Filipe Silva! You have saved two hours of futility in my life. This worked well to allow for printing again.

bbinbaltimore31 - Reply

your idea is admirable I also do one of this particle with my printer head I made a vacume box on which printer head can be fix over with rubber bands to make airtight as when the air is sucked out from the box the the ink itself open the nozzles and after cleaning it with paper towel replace in its original position then the collected ink in the box should be clean for next use .... The box is 15x5x3.5 cm with side tube to suck air.

Vinod Kumar Sharma - Reply

Wish I had read the comments before I removed the display cover! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! However the method of cleaning described in step 16 of just putting the paper towel under the print head with distilled water did wonders for my problem! Thanks!

Linda Townsend - Reply

sir mera printer t500 hai black ink print out nhi nikal raha hai help sir kya karun


Aamir siddiqui - Reply

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