If you forgot your lock screen pattern, PIN and you can't enter the menu with your google account, you can perform a Factory Master reset.

!!! This will erase all your personal data (phone book, accounts, pictures, etc.) and will remove all after installed applications.

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Switch off the tablet.
  • Switch off the tablet.

  • Press and hold the Home + Volume UP + Power buttons simultaneously.

  • When you see the Galaxy logo, release only the Power button.

  • In Android System Recovery menu use |Volume Up/Down keys for navigation and the Power button a choice. Select one after one:

    • wipe data/factory reset

    • Yes -- delete all user data

    • reboot system now

  • That's all.

After doing all if that, my tab still won't open

Ghe Alcantara - Reply

Thanks, I was searching for this :)

naitoneko - Reply

May be the idea is excellent, but in my case there is no way to switch off the device, the screen is black and after twice pressure on home button I hear the voice of Google girl, saying that she could not help me as far as my device has no internet connection. I tried to switch it off disconnecting the battery, but Android returned again to the same level (no restart) and I could not make hard reset.

55garegin - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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my t800 is rooted I may have the wrong twrp app. this method did not bring me to reset. Frank in Fla

frank richardson - Reply

My tablet was factory reset by me. It came on after this with everything in (I think) Hong Kong Chinese. I need to know how to restore my Tablet to English. None of the above achieved this for me.

finnimore3 - Reply

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