Are your dining chairs due for an upgrade? Most Dining chairs pick up scratches, dents, or may even lose a seat, however, the frame of the chair remains sturdy. By simply sanding, painting, and screwing on a new cushion, you will be able to have brand new chairs at a much smaller price.

  1. Begin with an old chair frame.
    • Begin with an old chair frame.

    • For frames in good condition, continue to step 5.

    • Using your sandpaper, rub any marks or scuffs off the wood.

      • Always rub with the grain of the wood.

  2. Use the cleaning cloth to wipe off any excess dirt and dust.
    • Use the cleaning cloth to wipe off any excess dirt and dust.

    • Holding the spray paint 6-12 inches away from the chair, apply a light coat of paint.

    • Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes.

    • Apply a second light coat over the front of the chair and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

    • Flip the chair over.

    • Repeat step 3 for the back side.

    • While the paint dries, work on the seat.

    • Grab the wood board and set it down.

    • Grab the desired cushion and rest it on top of the board.

      • Make sure to align all four corners of the wood to the corners of the cushion.

    • Now grab the cushion cover.

      • You may use fabric (cut to size) instead of a cushion cover.

    • Place your cover on top of the cushion, aligning all four corners.

    • Grab the stack of wood, cushion and cover and flip it over.

    • Align them so they stack up evenly.

      • Fragments of the cushion cover may stick out a little.

    • Fold the sides of the cover over the board and cushion keeping them as close to the center of the board as possible.

    • Select a side to start on.

      • With the staple gun, staple the end of the cushion cover you are holding into the board.

    • Rotate the board and staple down the other side.

    • Continue to staple down the sides, placing staples about 1 inch apart.

    • Fold the corners in and staple them onto the board.

    • Make sure that the paint on the chair frame has completely dried up.

    • Grab your newly covered cushion and place it on the seat of the chair frame.

    • Holding on to both the cushion and the frame, flip the chair over.

    • Place the screws in the screw holes.

    • Tighten the screws with the philips screw driver.

      • To avoid the wood from cracking, do not apply to much force when turning screwdriver.

    • Make good use of your brand new chair.

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Do you have any Ideas on fixing a wobble chair before replacing the seat ?

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