This guide provides simple instructions for downsizing the width of pants. The steps have two parts: pinning and sewing. The included sewing techniques could be applied to many projects.

If the pants are more than six sizes too big, keep in mind that altering them might cause the loss of usable front pockets.

Before you begin, create a clutter-free space.

Minimal sewing experience is required.

Put on the pants inside out.
  • Put on the pants inside out.

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Safety pin the waistband of the pants to the desired fit.
  • Safety pin the waistband of the pants to the desired fit.

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  • Pin the outside seam around both hips so that the pants are snug.

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  • Pin down the back seam and inseam so that the pants fit comfortably.

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  • Take the pants off. Sew the back seam, following your pins.

  • Be careful when operating a sewing machine.

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  • Put the pants on. Pin the rest of the inseam and the outside seam down both legs.

  • Our preference was to use the skinny jean cut. However, this sewing technique can be applied to any jean cut by simply adjusting the snugness of the fit as you pin.

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  • Take the pants off. Then, cut off the extra fabric.

  • If you prefer, iron your newly created seams so that they lay open.

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  • Enjoy your newly fitted pair of pants!

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After following these steps, you should have properly fitting pants that were ill-fitting before.

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Thank you for this! I have a pair I really like that are huge in the hip and butt. So is it best to pin and make them fit better using the inseam, or the outside seam?

Matt and Amy Crowell - Reply

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