Millions wear watches everyday as a useful accessory. Most of the value in watches is in the body and mechanisms, not in the strap. A cheap watch strap failure can make an expensive watch useless if not repaired. Save money on watch repairs or make your watch more fashionable by reading this guide.



Begin by laying a soft towel or fabric on a table.
  • Begin by laying a soft towel or fabric on a table.

  • This will prevent accidental scratches during the repair.

  • We will be performing all repairs from the back of the watch, to avoid scratching the visible watch face.

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Before you begin, consider practicing with your tool to compress the bar.
  • Before you begin, consider practicing with your tool to compress the bar.

  • Hold the watch with the face in your palm, with one end of the strap free to move.

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  • Insert your Spring Bar tool into the gap between the end of the watch strap and the watch body.

  • Press down and compress the spring. By pushing the bar away from the body, one end of the spring bar should come loose.

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  • Being cautious as to not damage the body or spring bar, slide the bar out from its hole and remove the strap.

  • Set this half of the strap with the spring bar aside until we remove the other strap.

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  • Repeat steps 2-4 to remove the other end of the watch strap.

Often times removing both sides of the strap removes leverage for attaching your new strap.  I would recommend removing one side and replacing it.  Then moving onto the other side.

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  • Replace the old or damaged watch straps by simply sliding the spring bars out and into the new straps

  • Be careful not to put the new straps on the wrong side of the body.

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  • Begin the reassembly by sliding the bottom of the spring bar into its hole on the watch body.

  • Remember, always work from the back of the watch to prevent visible scratches.

  • Using your spring bar tool, compress the bar and slide back into place.

  • The spring bar should click when installed correctly.

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  • Repeat step 7 on the other side of the watch.

  • Give the watch a tug to make sure all parts are installed correctly.

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