A common problem with any armchair or sofa is that the underside upholstery fabric can begin to rip, sag, or come off entirely. This guide will provide easy instructions on how to repair the fabric in 15-20 minutes and avoid the costs of replacing the chair altogether.

Turn the armchair on its back.
  • Turn the armchair on its back.

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Use pliers to remove the staples from the chair frame.
  • Use pliers to remove the staples from the chair frame.

  • If the staples are too difficult to remove, cut away the fabric with scissors.

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  • Measure out the dimensions of the perimeter of the chair frame.

  • Add an extra inch to each side to allow for error.

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  • Trace the dimensions onto the new fabric.

  • Cut along the traced lines.

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  • Fold under approximately a 1-inch allowance from the fabric’s edges.

  • Adjust the folded edges as needed to the correct size.

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  • Use a staple gun to staple the fabric to the chair frame starting at one corner.

  • If the staples do not go all the way into the chair frame, tap lightly with a hammer.

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  • Sit the chair upright and make sure the fabric is not visible or sagging.

  • If the fabric is visible, remove the staples from the closest corner and pull taut.

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excellent ways to repair the home furniture. thanks for your ways of writing such a good article about furniture.

Nice post written by Nicole Keller.

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Thanks a lot! Wish I knew this a couple of weeks ago. Instead, I went and bought two all new 1 seater sofas in Sydney,

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