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How to Repair Nylon Shorts

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    • Be sure to choose a thread color that is similar to the garment you are repairing.

    • Thread the needle by stringing the thread through the eye of the needle.

    • Knot the end of the thread and cut off any excess thread. The knot should be large enough to catch the fabric and not pull through.

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    • Take the torn seam into both hands, and overlap one side with the other until both sides are aligned.

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    • Starting from the inside of the garment, pull the needle through the fabric.

    • Pull the thread until the knot catches the fabric.

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    • Make small stitches along the length of the rip.

    • Do not pull the thread too tight or it will cause rippling in the fabric.

  5. How to Repair Nylon Shorts: step 5, image 1 of 1
    • Tie the thread as close to the fabric as possible.

    • Cut off any extra thread that is still attached.


This guide can be applied to any piece of clothing that has a rip in the seam. Happy stitching!

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