This repair will teach you how to reattach an arm onto a stuffed bear. You will use sewing techniques to follow through with this repair.

Gather all materials
  • Gather all materials

  • Identify the area on the stuffed animal that needs sewn back together.

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String one end of the thread through the sewing needles eye.
  • String one end of the thread through the sewing needles eye.

  • Loop the thread so that the ends match at each end.

  • Tie a double knot.

  • Working with needles can be dangerous.

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  • Weave the thread and needle through the limb and then into the body to attach.

  • Pull the thread tightly to bring two pieces together, closing the hole. This creates an overcast stitch to secure the effected area.

  • Don't pull on the thread too tightly or this will break the thread and overlap the stitching.

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  • Cut the excess thread, leaving at least 4 inches to allow you to tie a double knot. This will close the seam.

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  • Enjoy your repaired bear, stuffed animal!

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