This guide will show you how to programme the RXPW4 controller.

Here you can see the dimplex controller. It has a number of buttons. This guide will teach you how to programme it.
  • Here you can see the dimplex controller. It has a number of buttons. This guide will teach you how to programme it.

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Turn the dial from auto to prog,
  • Turn the dial from auto to prog,

  • Stop at the dot shown by the red arrow.

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Select the zone by pressing the plus or minus arrow
  • Select the zone by pressing the plus or minus arrow

  • Then press ok. In this example we will do zone 1.

  • This will only work if the time is correctly set

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The screen will change to the picture
  • The screen will change to the picture

  • The day will show as the yellow arrow shows. Dimplex set Sunday is 1 and Saturday is 7.

  • The bottom part of the screens shows a square - one hour is one square and runs from 00 - 23.

  • Press the plus and minus buttons depending if your want the heating / tank on or off. For example if you wanted it off you would press the minus button. If you got to a time you wanted it on you would press the up arrow. In the picture you will see squares above, this means the heat / tank will come on that time.

  • Press ok when you are happy and repeat for each day. When you have finished you will be back to the zone selection screen.

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Turn the dial back to auto. The programme will run.
  • Turn the dial back to auto. The programme will run.

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  • This video shows you how to override a zone. Some properties don't make use of all the zones. Certainly ones that were built earlier. It is possible to change it however beyond the scope of this guide.

  • To work out which zones are which simply override a zone and go and see if the radiator or tank is on. You will hear the tank click when it comes on. You may need a friend to help with that bit.

  • If you find you can't get one of your heaters to control it could be because the switch is off. By each heater you will find a wall switch. One shuts the heater off completely and one allows it to be controlled by the controller. If this still does not work its likely the zone is not used.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Everything's set up according to the awesome instructions and yet when the time comes and the heaters should be working...nothing happens. However, they turn themselves on at a different time than specified. I don't know where I went wrong. Any suggestions?

Tenebre Lidedo - Reply

Hi, In that case I suspect the time is wrong. If you turn the dial to the symbol that looks like a clock it will let you set the time. From there it should work. I will try add this to the instructions too soon.

Tom - Reply

Hi Tom, thank you so much for replying! That's not it - the time seems to be set correctly - the radiators should turn themselves on at 8pm and be on till 6am. While they sometimes do start getting warm at 8pm, they don't seem to be working at 5am. I honestly don't know what the issue is.

Tenebre Lidedo - Reply

Hi, No problem. In that case it could be the temperature. If you look on the heater it has a slider bar. If you put it further up the bar you may find it stays on longer. If that is the case the heaters think it's warm enough not to come on. If that's not it either could you reply with a link to a photo of a example timing?

Tom -

Hello, I am also having problems...I have two switches on the wall next to each heater. One with the cable running in to each heater and the other one is just a fused switch. Should both be switched on if using the wall timer or only one of them? If so, which one please?

Gemma - Reply

Hi Gemma, it really depends on the property. Some of mine are the wrong way round. Basically one should cut the power to the heater and the other will allow the zone to work. If you set the controller to night mode (the moon) it will turn all the heaters off. If you then look at the wall switch and find the heate is giving out heat then the switch is the wrong way. You can elimanate the issue that way. When you turn the controller to all on (the sun) the heater will work. This will hlep you work out if the switch is the right way.

Hoep this makes sense.


Tom -

Hi Tom

I have done each step however my heaters are coming on and the wrong times. The clock time is correct.

Also on the heaters what icon do I turn all the heaters on to in order for the timer to come on? I set the timer to auto and the heater dial to clock?



Samira Khan - Reply


Usually near the heater you will see a panel with two switches one labelled heater and one labelled with nothing. These switches supply power to the heater and also tell the heater if it should listen to the controller. The makes it more flexible. Simplest way to see if the controller is being listened to is to turn all the heaters up to max (the slider on the heater). Set the controller to the moon (night time). This will tell the controller to turn all the heaters off. Go round each heater and press the unlabelled switch. If the heater light (the one with the three lines goes out) you will know it’s now on the controller. If you press and it comes on you will know it was correct first time and can be clicked back. Sometimes they are labelled wrong in our place. If you find both lights go out you cut the power to the heater. Simply try the other switch. When your done, turn the dial back to auto and the programme should run. Hope this makes sense.



Tom -

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