Use this guide to force restart your iPhone 6 when it is frozen and not responding. Force restarts are very simple and require no tools.

Press and hold the Home button. While holding the Home button, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button.
  • Press and hold the Home button.

  • While holding the Home button, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button.

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Continue holding both buttons for about 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Continue holding both buttons for about 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
  • Continue holding both buttons for about 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Thanks so much. I almost tried opening the phone to remove and reconnect the battery.

Hai Nguyen - Reply

when the apple logo appears still it's not turning on.

jan syrian mae - Reply

Awesome. It worked

jvn kalyan - Reply

Brilliant! No trip to the apple store for me. Big thanks!

Tania Konishi - Reply

I would recommend letting your old battery go completely flat before you begin. There is less chance of a fire if the battery is not carrying a charge. I bent my battery really badly out of shape getting it out. Which was a very scary moment.

Richard - Reply

I would recommend letting your battery go completely flat before you begin. I would imagine that there is less chance of a fire if the gets damaged while completely discharged compared to a fully charged battery. I bent my battery really out of shape extracting it. A scary moment. It was some comfort to me knowing it wasn’t carrying a lot of energy.

Richard - Reply

This may be the simplest thing anyone can do to an iPhone. But why did I see the recommendation to “backup your data” before attempting a hard restart? Is there ANY possibility this “simple” thing could go off-the-rails and render an iPhone that just underwent what appears to be an ultra-successful battery replacement could be brought low by this recommended final maneuver?

Michael Russo - Reply

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Hi I tried this method and I still can't get my phone unfrozen. Is there anything else I could try? Thank you in advance .

cracciato - Reply

I have an Iphone 6 which just broke in mid use. No GPS signal then freeses. Now it only goes as far as the apple logo. Tried to update and replace from a backup but nothing works. I havent goten it back but service says it needs replacement for 379Euros. Do you have any ideas on how to debug what needs to replaced? Mobo, something else maybe? does anybody know what IOS requires from the hardware to be able boot up? What post tests are there. The phone has always been in a lifeproof nuud case thats really robust and waterproof so I can't understand what could have gone wrong on this...

christianharju - Reply

this works if you have random block popping up on you screen just saying!

jakke.orn - Reply

My iphone 6 shows "iphone disabled"

what do i do please??

Stanley Ifeanyi - Reply

same problem! help!

Varsh Doobay -

this doesn't work, i just use ReiBoot (iPhone restart freeware). enter recovery mode and exit restart my iphone 6s.

Sunny Ye - Reply

Worked...Thanks :)

WillitSo - Reply

This worked for me,such an easy thing to do also

Taylor Carr - Reply

This is not working at all. My iPhone 6 won't charge up or come on. Just a black screen

Johnny Dawkins - Reply

THIS WORKED for ME . I have an iphone 6 from T-mobile Out of Nowhere i LOST my network connection to my plan. I went to T-mobile to request a New Sim Card hoping that would Fix the problem but it did not. I kept the New sim card and was planning to visit the Apple store to repair it.

I just tried THIS hard reset reboot and... now my Iphone is back connected to the Network. Thanks .

I recommend you guys Also try selecting "General" then "Reset" then select "Reset Network Setting" as well

George Torres - Reply

Hi ,

I had a iphone 6 dead after battery drop below 10 percent, Now it is not getting charge still shows battery symbol with redline . I tried more by changing charger for last two weeks but no changes . Can some one help .

Stalin - Reply

just use ReiBoot , 1 click reboot iPhone

Sunny Ye - Reply

By force restarting your device, you would be resetting its current power cycle. Therefore, chances are that it might take you out of the problem you are facing. You can force restart your iOS device by pressing the correct key combinations for a few seconds.

If your iPhone/iPad stuck on Recovery/DFU Mode/Apple Logo, can fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode after iOS 11 downgrade by force restart

lipeijone - Reply

This did not restart my phone. there was no response on phone when mentioned steps were followed. (my phone had frozen on home screen)

what finally restarted my phone was pressing power button on side and then pressing volume down button (keep pressing after volume lowered completely).

Riddhi Piplani - Reply

It worked for me, thanks a ton !

Srikrishna - Reply

it worked yes thank you so much! :)

Ash Luther (Nicole) - Reply

it worked thank you so much! :)

Ash Luther (Nicole) - Reply

what do i do if i have no home screen button? :)

Niamh Townsend - Reply

I updated my iPhone6 to latest OS. It asked 4 a new passcode which was turned off, but I did 1-6 twice to confirm. It restarted all new and asked for my new 6 digit passcode to access phone. 1-6 did not work. AHHH!!!! OK, it says log into Apple ID. So I did, Apple id prompted a Code to enter to access account, that it sent to my locked phone. Nice. Great job guys. The phone now says disabled, the Apple ID is locked with two factor authentication. No way out…almost. I had an old phone that has issues, but will boot. Find another iphone or one to borrow. Swap the sim from one to the other. Re-login to Apple ID and get the code on the second phone. Once in, add other phones to account, turn off 2factor. Remove the disabled phone from the account if like mine, nothing will connect to it, reason is it needs updates according to itunes. Strange, a new update got me in this insane mess! What was it updating if not the software? Once removed, do a restore as directed. You need to wipe phone before u smash it-15hrs

bossephotos - Reply

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