Repair snagged jeans with simple skills, such as threading a needle or tying a knot. Repairing the snagged denim will prevent further tearing, and will make the denim more visually appealing.


No parts required.

  1. Identify the snag that you would like to correct.
    • Identify the snag that you would like to correct.

  2. Insert the sharp end of your ballpoint needle through the center of the snag.
    • Insert the sharp end of your ballpoint needle through the center of the snag.

    • Carefully turn the jeans inside out, while maintaining the placement of the ballpoint needle.

    • Allow the ballpoint needle to stand vertically. This will happen naturally.

    • Take your No. 18 tapestry needle and gently maneuver all of the loose strings from the snagged denim to the inside of the jeans. You will position your needle to pull the loose strings upward.

    • CAUTION: make sure there are no loose strings left outside of the jeans.

    • String the No. 18 tapestry needle with your thread.

    • Tie both ends of the thread that is threaded through the needle to form a knot.

    • The knot should be small and tight

    • Make another knot, this time pull thread slowly and tightly around the snag.

    • Get the knot as close as possible to the surface of the denim jean.

    • Pull the knot as tight as possible.

    • Use the scissors to trim the excess thread on both sides.

    • Once you've removed the access thread, take a small amount of fabric adhesive, and rub it against the knot you made to confident the snagged denim. The adhesive will secure the loose strings inside the denim.

    • Apply the adhesive so that the knot is stuck to the surface of the denim.

    • Allow the adhesive at least 20 minutes to dry.

    • Turn the jeans right side out. The snag is no more!

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