Taking a snowmobile carburetor out of a snowmobile to partially disassemble to clean for preseason maintenance.

Remove the side panel.
  • Remove the side panel.

  • Pull the 2 rubber straps off.

  • Pull the panel up and out.

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Remove the belt cover by removing the pin.
  • Remove the belt cover by removing the pin.

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  • Use the secondary tool to expand the clutch. Turn clockwise.

  • After this is done, roll the belt over the clutch to remove belt. Rolling the belt towards the back end of the machine.

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  • Remove the bolt on secondary clutch with a 1/2"(12.7 mm) open ended box wrench.

  • Pull the bolt and washers out.

  • Slide the secondary clutch off of the shaft.

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  • Using a 3/8"(9.525 mm) socket on the 3/8" ratchet, remove the air horn bolts, and pull the air horn out.

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  • Pull the rubber strap off of the air box.

  • Remove the airbox by pulling the box up and out towards yourself.

  • Caution: Be careful of pulling wires and cables.

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  • Turn the fuel off by turning the red fuel knob to the off position so that it is perpendicular to the hose.

  • Note: straight piece on knob that is in line with hose means open. Perpendicular to the fuel hose means it is closed. (i.e. picture 2)

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  • Using a flat head screw driver, loosen the hose clamps on the carburetor boots so that it can be removed later.

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  • Using a 10 mm open ended box wrench, loosen the top and bottom nuts on the choke and throttle cable that are attached to the carburetor.

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  • Pull the carburetor off so that it can be rotated to the side.

  • Pull the choke and throttle cables off by sliding cable through slots.

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  • Using a needle nose pliers, remove the hose clamp from the fuel hose that leads to the fuel rail.

  • Pull the fuel line off of the fuel rail connector. Be careful to not break the hose and/or connector.

  • Set a rag underneath the carb and fuel line to catch the fuel that pours out.

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  • Set the carb rack on paper towels in case fuel leaks out.

  • On bottom side, take a 11/16" socket on a 3/8" ratchet to remove the bowls.

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  • Remove the main jet with a 1/4" deep socket on a 1/4" ratchet.

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  • Using a #2 Phillips head screw driver, remove the screw holding the bottom cover on.

  • Be cautious of the gasket falling out of slot on the cover.

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  • Use the carburetor cleaner to spray the floats and pilot air jet.

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  • Remove the 4 screws using a #2 Phillips screw driver that connect the top plate to carbs.

  • Caution: the gasket can be removed with top cover plate.

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  • Spray the carb cleaner on the top part of the carb. Ensure clean mechanical action of needle guide.

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  • Spray carb cleaner on the bowls.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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