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This is a tutorial guide from How2Tech about how to tear down the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

  1. Power off the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and remove the SIM card tray.
    • Power off the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and remove the SIM card tray.

  2. Heat up to soften the adhesive around the back cover.
    • Heat up to soften the adhesive around the back cover.

    • Pull up a gap to insert the prying tool and a poker card.

    • Run the poker card and case opening tool around the edges to separate the back cover.

    • Undo the 18 screws in the rear housing.

    • Pull up the rear housing from LCD assembly with frame.

    • Pry up the screen flex connector, battery flex connector, ear speaker flex connector and proximity sensor flex connector.

    • Pry up the motherboard and turn it upside down to release the connector behind.

    • Pry up the connectors on the motherboard to release the front facing and rear facing camera if necessary.

    • Pry up around the edges of battery as there're two main adhesive sticker underneath.

    • Insert the Spudger to pry up the adhesive.

    • Tear the battery by hands.

    • Pry up to release the proximity sensor module.

    • Pry up to release the ear speaker.

    • Pry up to release the vibrating motor.

    • As stated by the video, the charging port flex ribbon assembly cannot be removed until the front glass is torn down as it’s assembled with the navigator flex in between the glass and LCD.


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Hi there.

Is this a good way to replace the frame around the camera? I dropped it and chipped it slightly and since the phone is less than 2 months old for me, it is kind of bothering me.

I guess my main concern is, once I do this, is it going to go back together as good as new? I'll probably only need to remove the back cover yeah?

Thanks in advance!

Luke Carr - Reply

hello, you will need to remove the back cover glass b4 you replace the camera lens and holder. replace processing is simple a hot air gun will help a lot.

check here:

ggmall -

Great video! Thank you for your time to help us out!

Bob Zak - Reply

Every one of these I have seen has a lot of adhesive near the home button which makes the screen coming out much harder then any video or tutorial I have seen online showing.

Jody Billings - Reply

anybody have measurements on the battery ceiling? Does this model have similar issues as the note 7 with no padding to account for battery expansion?

Noah - Reply

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