Do you have any ripped khaki pants that you do not wear anymore? Well here is a guide that will give you a solution of a way to repair your pants and put them back on your waist.


No parts required.

  1. Examine the damaged area.
    • Examine the damaged area.

    • Make sure to clean all the debris from the tear.

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  2. Flip your pants inside out.
    • Flip your pants inside out.

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    • Pinch hole together.

    • Make sure there is no gaps showing.

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    • Pin needle and thread through pants.

    • Use more thread than needed so you will have enough.

    • Make sure your hand is not directly behind the needle where you are poking. This will prevent you from pricking yourself.

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    • Pull needle and thread through pants until there is only 2 inches of thread left.

    • Tie a knot at the end of the remaining 2 inches.

    • It can be any measurement, but 2 inches makes it easier to tie a knot without wasting too much thread.

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    • Take the needle and pin it through right next to the previous spot.

    • Pull all the way through until thread is tight.

    • Repeat this process until you reach the end of the hole.

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    • Wrap the thread three times around the needle.

    • Pull the needle until the thread is tight.

    • This will tie a knot at the end.

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    • Take the scissors and cut the excess string remaining.

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    • Now put your khaki pants on because they are now wearable again and practically new!

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Now your old ripped pants look practically new and you can begin wearing them again.

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it's 100% not ok...... i con do it so 99% ok

Shafikahmed - Reply

and 100% maching

Shafikahmed - Reply

Iam shafik i can't do it's and 100% maching

Shafikahmed - Reply

What about if you’re in school and your pants rip?


is it smooth when you fix it? i use these for school and dont want it to show


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