This guide will allow users to replace the screen components on the tablet. This is a moderately simple process. Users will need a replacement screen to complete the process.

Using the PH#00 screwdriver, remove the two 0.145 inch Phillips head screws.
  • Using the PH#00 screwdriver, remove the two 0.145 inch Phillips head screws.

  • The screws are located on the bottom face of the device, near the power and volume controls.

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Place the small suction cup on your screen.
  • Place the small suction cup on your screen.

  • Moisturize the bottom of the suction cup to ensure a proper seal.

  • If the screen is cracked, the suction cup may not seal correctly; too much pressure may crack or damage the screen.

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  • Insert the plastic opening tool between the screen cover and rear cover of the tablet.

  • Grasp the small suction cup.

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  • Slide the plastic opening tool along device edge to separate the screen cover from the rear cover.

  • Pull upward on the small suction cup handle while sliding the opening tool.

  • When sliding the plastic opening tool, avoid sliding the tool too far into the cover. This could damage the speaker connector on the back cover.

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  • Use the plastic opening tool to remove the speaker from the rear cover.

  • The speaker is held in place with adhesive and is easily removed.

  • Do not pull on the speaker wires. This could damage the soldering connections.

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  • Once the speaker is disconnected, the cover removal is complete.

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  • Lift the hinges on the three ribbon connector clips and disconnect the ribbon connector.

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  • Using the PH#00 screwdriver, remove the three 0.145 inch circuit board screws.

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  • Remove battery, speaker and circuit board from screen.

  • Gently move circuit board assembly with speaker and battery away from device to ensure you do not damage the solder connections.

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  • Use plastic opening tools to remove screen from front cover.

  • The screen is held in with plastic tabs.

  • Use of too much force on the screen may result in unwanted damage to screen.

  • To avoid damage to screen, ensure the metal screen cover does not catch on the plastic tabs.

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  • Remove screen solder connector with solder removal tool.

  • Solder new screen wire to circuit board with soldering tool.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Your step 11 is irrelevant since this look like it is the wifi antenna.

The other end of this wire is not connected to the screen. I suggested removing gently the other end from the casing (it's held with adhesive) and so, no soldering at all to do.

Otherwise, great guide! Thanks!

kamen99 - Reply

OK, so I cracked my screen and I cracked it today so I went on there to do the usual, you know? Well when I turned it on, my password lock started bugging out! (I thought a was being hacked) I am worried to do this (Step - Step thing) because I am just a child (NOT A SMALL ONE DON'T REALLY WORRY!) and my parents will be disappointed in me, I got this for my birthday! But this one is a white HipStreet tablet, one of those fancy new ones, I checked it out to see if it was actually a crack so I took off my screen protector and I felt it, but no, no! It was a crack but I couldn't feel it! I thought it was REALLY in the tablet, like through the hard-drive and wires and stuff like that, please help me I don't want to get in trouble, I can't really afford another one, and my parents say "You better protect this with your entire life, because if you break this one..YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER!" (I had 2 tablets along time ago, I broke them both, OH PLEASE I WAS A SMALL CHILD!) So please help me, Thank - You!

N3rD Al3rT - Reply

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