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  • Using a #0 phillips screwdriver, remove the (2) #4 Phillips head 8mm screws holding the back cover on. Note that the screws are captured in the back cover, so they do not need to be completely removed.

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  • Remove the (6) #3 Phillips head 6 mm screws shown in any order, also using the #0 phillips screwdriver. When removing the final screw, hold the assembly together. There is a spring inside the device which will pop the assembly apart when all the screws are removed.

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  • Carefully separate the two sections, leaving them connected by the wires. At this point, your device should look like this. This completes the teardown.

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  • Observe the orientation of the levers before removal. Once you observe the orientation, remove the white plastic lever with your fingers and put a new one in its place in the same orientation.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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