How to disassemble / take apart the device and change broken, smashed touch screen glass and LCD display.

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Switch off the phone.
  • Switch off the phone.

  • Remove the SIM / memory card cover.

  • Remove any SIM and memory cards.

  • Use screwdriver torx T5 and unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the battery / back cover.

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Use a plastic tool and slowly separate the back cover.
  • Use a plastic tool and slowly separate the back cover.

  • The loudspeaker is inside on the back cover.

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  • Use a Phillips #0 screwdriver and remove the 4x silver screws.

  • With a plastic tool carefully separate the battery from the logic board.

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  • The battery connector is under the middle frame. Remove it and disconnect the battery.

  • Model: BM59100 / 3,8VDC / 1700mAh

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  • Remove the USB dock connector metal plate.

  • Open flex cable connectors:

    • LCD display flex cable

    • Menu buttons flex cable

    • Volume buttons flex cable

    • Touch screen flex cable

    • Power button flex cable

  • Pick up the vibrating motor and take out all flex cables except the LCD display flex cable.

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  • The logic board is secured to the display frame by two locking clips.

  • Use a plastic tool to release it.

  • Now remove the LCD display flex cable from its connector.

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  • HTC Windows Phone 8S Logic Board.

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  • Insert wisdom here.

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  • Check your spare part for the menu buttons flex cable.

  • Remove the flex cable from the old touch screen if you need.

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  • Clean the frame from the old adhesive tape.

  • Install new adhesive tape.

  • It would be better if you use adhesive sticker ready for the model.

  • Install the display assembly.

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  • Prepare the menu buttons and LCD display flex cables.

  • Start with reassembling.

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  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Great guide, but all I want to replace is the front bit of glass. Can I just (carefully) remove the old one from the top or do I have to undergo this lengthy and delicate procedure?

David Kanekanian - Reply

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