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The HTC HD2 is a popular device among hackers and modders. Currently there projects in-progress to allow a total of 5 operating systems to run on the HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile [Standard], Ubuntu, Android, MeeGo, Windows Phone 7). This guide focuses on perhaps the most common, and most developed: Android.

I advise you to take this guide as reference, not as instruction. Research the subject further before attempting to install Android on your HD2. That way you will become aware of all the risks, and have appropriate knowledge when asking others for help.

The XDA-Developers forum is the hub of the HD2-Android project. Frequent it to keep up-to-date with information and for help.

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    • Quoting the thread I will link to below:

    • The Radio ROM is the software part of your device that is powering on/off and controlling your radio interfaces. This includes Bluetooth, 2G/3G Phone, WiFi, GPS..... And it also includes the OEMSBL (Radio BootLoader) and other device specific firmwares needed for using your radio interfaces and for interfacing them with the OS (Windows Mobile/Android).

    • To run Android on the HD2, you need at least radio The latest radio's aren't always the better ones, it is advised to play around with a few and see which give you the least problems, and more battery life.

    • The HTC HD2 Master Radio Thread


    • There is a huge number of Android builds available for the HD2. Take a look around the HD2 Android Development forum for Build threads. Personally, I recommend Cyanogenmod based builds.

    • HD2 Android Development:

    • Within each thread, read the post and a few of the last pages of replies (earlier replies may refer to earlier versions of builds). The post should tell you any specific features to the build and any apps bundled with it; the comments will help you identify any problems you may face with that build.

    • Builds are essentially installed by dragging/dropping the provided "Android" folder onto your SD card.

    • The kernel is essentially the heart of Android. Keeping your kernel up-to-date lets you keep with the latest advances in the HD2-Android project.

    • Kernels are pretty simple to replace - and usually contain their own Readme file on how to install them. The basic steps of installing a new kernal is as follows:

    • Replace the zImage in the /Android/ folder on your SD card.

    • If included, copy over the provided HaRet.exe and startup.txt.

    • Check the readme file for any other files and information necessary for a kernel to function.

    • There are kernel threads within the HD2 Android Development forum. I personally advice the kernels produced by hastarin.

    • HD2 Android Development:

    • Hastarin's kernels:

    • Boot!

    • Alright, time to fire up Windows Mobile and navigate to sdcard/Android.

    • Click Clrcad.exe, and then HaRet.exe

    • The first boot will usually take a while, allow up to 30 minutes.

    • Once you are booted, congratulations! You have Android on your HD2.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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