32 GB for a laptop is not much. Contrary to popular belief, upgrading this laptop's SSD is not actually that difficult- it does however mean that you give up your internal WiFi card. As an owner of this laptop, I've fought the Windows 8 and 10 WiFi drivers and was glad to have it gone. My current setup includes a 250GB SSD and an external WiFi card. This guide is designed to help you get ready to do the same!

I will get around to refining it some more if more people are interested in the process.


No parts required.

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  • Make sure that you take your laptop apart in an area that has lots of light and are discharged. Touch something to ground yourself before starting! Electrostatic damage can fry your motherboard.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Flip your laptop over. There are four pads that you need to remove to access the screws. Remove the center pad first as shown in the picture.

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Image 1/3: Image 2/3: Image 3/3:
  • Beneath each pad is a screw. Make sure you remove all of the pads.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • There will be a total of 3 cables to unplug. Flip each ZIF upward to unplug.

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Image 1/3: Image 2/3: Image 3/3:
  • Insert wisdom here.

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  • Insert wisdom here.

How to set up and let the bios detect the new hard disk?

eddieeddieh - Reply

Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • You'll notice that there is a large gap for the WWAN card and no M.2 connection. It is possible to extend the mPCIe card and remove the WiFi card completely. Another option might be to purchase a board with an M.2 WWAN card and swap it out with an SSD. Unfortunately these are quite rare.

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Image 1/3: Image 2/3: Image 3/3:
  • A close up of the USB WWAN Board.

Do I need to take this out in order to replace the WIFI card with an SSD?

gabepaulgreen - Reply

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  • As stated before, you can swap this card out with a half-width PCIe SSD found on Amazon or other electronics retailers.

I bought a Samsung PM830 SSD 128GB on Amazon as you recommended, but it didn't work.

I never updated the bios. It doesn't work when I put this mini PCIe SSD instead of the wireless card, but in addition it is too big ! It doesn't fit into the box.

- Can you explain with pictures or video please ?

- Can you give us also the version of your bios ?

Meanwhile I take a micro sd card + 128GB samsung pro because with an internal memory of 32GB that is not possible.

Thank you in advance !

Alex - Reply

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  • A common issue might be heat dissipation, so it's good practice to remove the stock thermal paste and replace it with better quality. I also recommend adding heat pads to the bottom of the copper heatsink where the RAM chips sit.

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  • Follow the steps in reverse to put your HP Stream back the way you found it!

I messed up my keyboard while doing this. I'm using the on-screen keyboard to type and I don't like it. Please help!!!

David James - Reply

Questo portatile non ha la batteria tampone? Non sono riuscito a trovarla!

Cristiano Alivernini - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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half-width mSATA SSD available in boot?

basicmail3 - Reply

Questo è il problema!!!

Sicuro che tale scheda possa funzionare al Boot del PC.

Bisognerebbe provare potresti dire, 53 $ per la scheda da 64 Gb + 20-30 $ per una penna USB WiFi, tot 80-90 $, e se poi non parte?


That is the question!!!

Sure that this card will work at Boot the PC.

You should try to say, $ 53 for 64 GB card + 20-30 $ for a WiFi USB stick, tot 80-90 $, and if not then part?


Gian Lorenzo Molinari -

Non ci fai vedere come è questa scheda SSD da mettere al posto del modulo WiFi

E poi questa scheda half-width mSATA SSD è possibile farla partire al boot?

E neppure so dove trovarle

Do not you show us how this SD card to put in place the WiFi module.

I've never seen nor know where to find them.

And then this half-width mSATA SSD card, you can start it at boot?

Gian Lorenzo Molinari - Reply

I already have a wi-fi card and I ordered hard drive 120Gb for 53$ . 20 days I'll write how it works or not

basicmail3 -

Make sure that you order an *PCIe* mini half-width or full-width (buy or make an extension bracket) and you have the current BIOS (HP sometimes whitelists cards).

Be forewarned- Not all mSATA cards will play nice with this slot. I personally recommend the Samsung PM830 128GB SSD HDD Mini PCIe from Amazon for only $40. Word of wisdom, you may have to reconnect the battery for Windows to recognize it.

Kevin Fessler -

I have sad news, wifi was not msata. In my model , it looks like msata m.2

basicmail3 - Reply

Lucky you! You might actually have the M.2 wifi card. Swap out the WWAN module with an M.2 SSD. Reroute the antennea wires and add an mPCIe WiFi card or tie them back and use an external WiFi adapter.

Kevin Fessler -

Hi, Kevin Fessler, thank you so much for your guide. Could you share will us what SSD you are using for your Stream 13? What brand and what model?

martin chan - Reply

In my previous post I mentioned that I am using a Samsung PM830 128GB SSD. It is a PCIe standard so I knew that it would work with my setup. Bear in mind that not all mSATA SSDs will work with the HP Stream's PCIe port AND that updating your BIOS may make the SSD disappear from Windows entirely. HP clearly does not want users to use this workaround to gather more space on your computer because they want you to get a model up. I've also heard rumors from a friend who works there that they want to slowly phase out the Stream series to promote more "hands-on tablets" for Windows 10.

Kevin Fessler -

Hello and thank you for this guide. Can you tell which Bios versions support the additional SSD please?

Arik Benz - Reply

I ended up selling my Stream 13 a while ago, but I remember I was on the stock version (downloaded around December 2014).

Kevin Fessler -

As I am planning on installing either Antix-MX 15 or Manjaro Cinnamon (Linux), or possibly both, onto the original SSD, if I acquire the used Stream 11 I am thinking of, and not bothering with Windoze at all, will there be a BIOS problem for Linux recognizing the SSD?

azraelle - Reply

I haven't had much luck with any Stream 11/13 laptop on Linux, save for Ubuntu and Mandriva. Not sure if Antix-MX will detect the SSD, but you are welcome to try it and post your results here!

: )

Kevin Fessler -

This is such a wonderful step by step guide. But I do have a few quick questions ; I'm currently a college student who primarily takes online classes , is there anyway to upgrade the prosser , SSD and ram . If not do you recommend any reasonably priced laptops that are upgradable.

Magdalena - Reply

Unfortunately, there is no way to upgrade either the processor or RAM on this laptop without reflowing the board to remove these components. You'd have to know what Bay trail CPUs and RAM ICs are compatible with this laptop to do so. Most laptops that are in the low-end, inexpensive zone of the spectrum typically have both the CPU/RAM and Hard Drive/SSD soldered on-board to save on costs. I'd recommend an older used laptop if cost is of concern to you. I can't recommend a laptop to you unless I know your price range, but stay away from new laptops that are less than $250 unless you think it's worth it. Good luck to you on your laptop search! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Kevin Fessler -

Thanks for posting this .. I've been searching for a fix to the HP Stream hard disk deficiency for some time. When I look at your photos and the inside of my HP Stream 13, I see little brass-colored sharp-edged metal supports that would seeming block installation of a full-width SSD. I just can't picture how anything other than a half-width SSD could fit in there. In step 9, you mentioned that one can swap the wifi/bluetooth mPCIe card out with a half-width PCIe SSD found on Amazon or other electronics retailers, but later in the comments you said you used the Samsung PM830 128GB SSD, which I can only find in full-width size. So I'm confused. Did you use a full-width Samsung PM830 SSD, and if so, how did you fit it in there without damaging it on those sharp-edged metal supports? Or did you use a half-width Samsung PM830 SSD, and if so, where did you find it (if you could post the URL, it would be appreciated)?

Danny - Reply

Hi Danny. The metal (they are plastic) supports can be removed with some pliers and a steady hand. The "lock nut" can be ripped out, sanded down and moved to accommodate a full size mPCIe SSD. I will say, if you don't want to do surgery on your laptop, you can simply buy a half-width mPCIe card, but make sure that you get one that is "mPCIe" because mSATA will not work. As some other users pointed out, I can't guarantee that all cards will work because HP whitelists cards in the WiFi slot.

On another note, it might be better to get a USB WWAN Board that has an M.2 slot soldered on. I think that the M.2 is faster and has a broader range of compatibility for SSDs. This is part of the HP Card Reader Board, HP Part #792769-001 if you are interested in this route. Image: . They are about $60, but no surgery is required to use it with the HP Stream 13 and you'll likely avoid HP's card whitelisting.

Kevin Fessler -

Hello, I've got HP 792769-001 board and 128gb KINGSPEC ssd card was inserted to M.2 slot . But card wasn't recognized by Windows. Do you have some idea what I should doing in next step. I didn't find any setup option in BIOS. Thanks in advance for your advice.

EVGENY - Reply

Hi did you managed to get this setup work?

Teemu Säilä -

I found some ram parts that have pci connectivity and wanted to know instead of using a ssd could i use that?

john lewis - Reply

Hi ! I've bought this to upgrade my ultrabook but it's not recognized by Windows and by the BIOS. How to solve this ? Thanks a lot !

JOBARD Guillaume - Reply

Hello. Please my hp 13 is on but not displaying, have tried replacing the display cable but not working still. I was told it's the white and black port on the board. I believe the engineer and he did something to it which makes it to work for a short while before the present moment when it's not even displaying at all. Pls help me what can I do to make it display again

don - Reply

Hi. I want to upgrade my brother's HP Stream 11"......... for gaming. Yes, I know that this PC is hilariously underpowered, but he is fine playing with the 15fps intelHD integrated graphics with his Intel Core Atom. However, there is one thing that prevents him from even using the PC, which is it only has 16GB of storage. I want to upgrade his laptop for him, but I know he won't want to use a WiFi adapter with it. Are there any cards with WiFi and more storage that I can look into getting for him?

MaxAwesomeness GB (Max) - Reply

hi do not know how to fig it Where Could I send my notebook to fig please?

Please could you help me please.

Many Thanks

Contact Email:

MS Yuwaree Ponboon

( 23/04/2017 )


yuwareeponboon - Reply


With my Stream 13 I have tried both ePCI SSD and M.2 SSD (with USB WWAN board) but my Bios is not recognising secondary SSD. Only the primary drive is visible in bios and OS. Any hints? My bios version is F.1E.

USB ports from USB WWAN board are functioning normally.

Teemu Säilä - Reply

Where is the hard drive?

Jose Alberto Vega - Reply

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