Sometimes your keys may get sticky and impair your use of the laptop. So you may need to replace the keyboard. However, you should be careful when removing any parts from the laptop, as many parts are attached to other parts by wires. Applying too much force when removing components may damage these wires. Also, many of the connections are just melted plastic which means it may sound like you're breaking the device, but it's necessary to get the device open. Always use caution to avoid unnecessary damages as well.

  1. Before disassembly, unplug and power off the Stream 11.
    • Before disassembly, unplug and power off the Stream 11.

    • Turn the laptop over to access the lower case.

    • Using a metal spudger, remove the two small elliptical screw covers and the two large circular screw covers closest to the screen.

  2. Remove the eleven 5.6 mm Phillips #00 screws.
    • Remove the eleven 5.6 mm Phillips #00 screws.

    • Turn the computer upright and lift the screen.

    • Carefully use the metal spudger to pry the plastic keyboard cover from the base.

      • When using the metal spudger, be careful not to press into the components underneath the keyboard cover. If possible, use a standard spudger or plastic opening tool to remove the keyboard cover.

    • Work the spudger around the cover to release the clips attaching the cover to the base.

    • Be patient when removing the cover, as there are many clips and it may take some time.

    • Using tweezers, unplug the cable connecting the ClickPad to the base.

    • Remove the plastic keyboard cover.

    • The cover is attached to the ClickPad by a cable. Be careful not to lift the cover too far so you do not damage this cable.

    • Tilt the top of the keyboard plate up until you separate it from the base.

    • Continue to lift the keyboard toward you slowly.

    • Lift up the retaining flaps on the ZIF connectors securing the two keyboard ribbon cables.

    • After disengaging the connectors, gently unplug both ribbon cables.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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