This guide will aid you in replacing your laptop screen. Make sure you are wearing the Anti-Static Wrist Strap and remove the battery before beginning this guide to avoid any damage to your computer.

  1. Put on Anti Static Wrist Strap.
    • Put on Anti Static Wrist Strap.

      • It is always a good idea to ground yourself when working with electronics to prevent static buildup. You wear this strap to protect you and your device from accidental electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage during repairs.]

    • Flip Computer Upside down.

    • Unscrew the eight 3.3mm black screws on the back casing with the T4 Torx Screwdriver.

  2. Use the plastic opening tool to lift the back case off.
    • Use the plastic opening tool to lift the back case off.

      • Use the plastic opening tools first; metal spudgers can damage your device.

    • Remove the six 2.0mm silver screws and the two 3.2 mm black screws using the PH00 Phillips Screw Head.

    • Gently unplug from CONO851 plug, using the plastic opening tool.

    • Gently lift up the battery and remove using the plastic opening tools.

    • Unscrew the two brackets using the Phillips Head #0.

    • Detach the plug.

    • Detach the wires that snap off.

    • Peel back the tape strip.

    • Grip the tape strip attached to the black plug and pull upwards to remove from port.

    • Once all of the plugs are detached and the screws are removed, simply lift the bottom half of the computer away from the display unit.

    • You may need to adjust the brackets that the display pivots on: they are tough to move but totally safe.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This does not cover replacement of the LCD screen, only the hinge-up LCD assembly. I was hoping for a LCD/Digitizer replacement guide.

Maeldruin - Reply

I think that it is not necessary to remove the battery in order to replace the screen. So steps 3 and 5 can be skipped. It is a good idea though, to pull the battery cable as described in step 4, so you cannot accidently turn the notebook on during maintenance.

Another notice: The 13-3010dx is structurally identical with the 13-3010eg (which is the German version with QWERTZ-keyboard). So this manual can be used for that one as well.

Someone - Reply

Another observation I made:

Once I had removed the screen (I removed it entirely, including case, hinge, and everything), the notebook didn’t start anymore. This was strange, because I had the battery connected, the case closed and the power supply plugged in. Basically, I tried to use the notebook with an external screen, but whenever I pressed the power button, this happened: Fan and keyboard illumination turned on, the illumination faded until only the F5-key kept illuminated and then the notebook turned off entirely, then rebooted. No output on the screen, no BIOS visible, nothing. First I thought, I had damaged the mainboard, but then I tried out some advice, I found on Youtube:

In order to fix my boot-loop problem, I removed the power cable, then opened the case again, removed the battery cable, and pressed the power button for a minute. Then I attached the battery cable again, closed the case – and voila: The notebook started again and I was able to use it in combination with my external screen.

Someone - Reply

Something else to consider:

When I tried to replace a broken digitizer glass (the touch-screen, that sits in front of the IPS-panel), I found out that glass and screen are glued together all over and not only at the edges. For this reason, it is pointless to try to separate LCD-panel and glass. Even if you succeed somehow, it will be almost impossible, to glue together a new glass and the old screen without any bubbles of air in between!

Someone - Reply

So what you need is an assembly of digitizer and screen. On ebay I found a dealer named “ftdlcd”, who is originated in Hong Kong, China, but he somehow ships worldwide without shipping charges and without taxes. Shipping from China to Germany took about 2 weeks. A new assembly of digitizer and screen will take you about 170€ (October 2016). First time I received a wrong screen (one for the 4000-Series), but it was a high quality panel with QHD resolution and IPS technology. Now I’m waiting for the correct item, which the dealer promised to send immediately.

In order to find the correct screen, search for “13.3" LCD Touchscreen Digitizer Display Assembly für HP Spectre 13-3000 Series” on ebay, or for item number 222172811465 on or for the dealer „ftdlcd“.

If someone is interested in how to change the panel – write a comment, then I’ll add some further steps to the manual.

Someone - Reply

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