• Simply slide the lever to the opposite position, and then the battery will rise upward. Grab it and pull it out.

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Remove the five M2.5xL6.5 palmrest screws...
  • Remove the five M2.5xL6.5 palmrest screws...

  • ...as well as the captive bottom cover screw. Slide the bottom cover away from you and pull it up.

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  • Remove the four M2.5xL6.5 screws securing the keyboard, disc drive, and palmrest.

  • Pull upwards on the hard drive connector, and remove the hard drive.

  • Remove the two M2.5xL4 screws revealed by removing the hard drive.

  • Remove the single small screw holding the wireless card, and undo the antenna connections.

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  • Use your fingernails to get between the palmrest and the keyboard, and pry the keyboard out.

  • Unlock the connector underneath the keyboard, and remove the cable from the connector.

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  • Undo the lock of the power button cable, and pull the cable out.

  • Repeat the process for the touchpad cable...

  • ...as well as the speaker cable.

  • Remove the three M2.5x4 screws securing the palmrest.

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  • Undo the lock for the USB port connector, and pull the cable out. Also pull on the power jack connector right beside it.

  • Pull up on the optical drive connector.

  • At this point, the motherboard should simply lift upwards.

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  • Pull the clip for the USB board to the left, and pull up on the USB board.

  • Pull up on the DC jack.

  • Remove the two M2.5xL6.5 screws securing the right hinge to the base. Do the same for the left side.

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  • Pull on the clip for the optical drive connector, and then pull the connector out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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