If your HP Pavilion DM3-3010US screen display is showing limited or no visibility, you may have a broken screen and will need it replaced. This guide will take you step-by-step in replacing your laptop screen.


No parts required.

  1. Place the laptop upside down on a stable surface and locate the battery ejection switch.
    • Place the laptop upside down on a stable surface and locate the battery ejection switch.

  2. Eject the battery by sliding the switch  sideways.
    • Eject the battery by sliding the switch sideways.

    • Pull the battery outwards.

    • Remove the 2 plastic panels covering the internals of the laptop.

    • The rectangular panel can be removed by sliding the latch.

    • The square panel is removable once the battery is removed.

    • Removing the square panel reveals the location of the hard drive.

    • Locate the two screws located on the side of the hard drive mounting hardware.

      • This is accessible from the back of the laptop, where the battery was located.

    • Locate the 4 additional screws on the top of the mounting hardware for the hard drive.

      • Remove and set aside these screws.

    • Pay attention to the SATA cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. It can be damaged if handled roughly.

    • Pull the SATA cable out of its receptacle and set the hard drive aside.

    • The picture shows the HP Pavilion DM3-3000 Series Audio USB Card Reader Board w/Cable.

    • With the hard drive removed, open the laptop and set it down in the position for normal use.

    • Locate the seam between the top panel of the laptop and the frame.

      • The seam is on the left side of the laptop when the screen is facing you.

    • Pull the top cover, including keyboard, up from the left side of the laptop.

    • Dismount the audio driver by removing the 4 highlighted screws.

      • The audio driver is located on the right side of the laptop while the screen is facing you.

    • The audio driver and surrounding components are susceptible to damage if handled incorrectly.

    • Carefully pull the audio driver upwards, away from the motherboard.

    • The laptop is now ready to receive the replacement audio driver.

    • Release the hinges by removing the three Phillips PM2.5x7.0 screws and hinge covers that secure it to the base.

    • Before doing this, be sure all cables (WLAN, WWAN cables) are properly disconnected from the base enclosure. If not properly disconnected, lifting the display enclosure can damage the cords and other components.

    • Remove the two rubber screw covers and the two Phillips PM2.0×4.0 screws at the bottom of the enclosure. This will give you access to the internal components.

    • To detach the display bezel, flex the inside edges on the top, bottom, left, and right sides until it is fully detached. Then, lift it away from the rest of the screen enclosure.

    • Next, remove the four Phillips 2.0×3.0 screws at each corner that secure the display panel to the enclosure. Then, you can remove the hinges on each side.

    • Remove the display panel cable by releasing the adhesive strip. Then, you can safely disconnect the display panel cable from its port.

    • You can also view this maintenance and service guide provided by HP here:


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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