Before working on the laptop, make sure it is shut down.
  • Before working on the laptop, make sure it is shut down.

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Pull the locking tab to the right showing a unlocked symbol.
  • Pull the locking tab to the right showing a unlocked symbol.

  • Then pull the release tab to the left, releasing the battery.

  • Lift the battery out of its connection.

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  • Unscrew the single Phillips #0 screw that holds the optical drive in place.

  • Using a spudger push the optical drive out.

  • Pull the optical drive completely out and set it to the side.

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  • Using a spudger, pry up the rubber cap.

  • Remove the single screw underneath the cap.

  • Slightly lift up on the marked section of the hinge cap. Pull away from the computer to release the cap.

  • Lastly remove the hinge screw. Repeat all steps on the other side.

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  • Remove each of the highlighted screws.

  • Note, this screw is sometimes covered by a cap.

  • Lastly, remove the silver pan head crew in the optical drive bay.

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  • Flip your computer back over and open the display. Using a sputter, opening tool, guitar pick, or card pry up on the top case between the frame and itself.

  • Follow all the way around the top case gently, until the keyboard is able to be lifted freely.

  • NOTE* Do not lift the keyboard off until the next step in which we pull the ribbon cable connections.

  • Using your spudger, or prying tool lift the releases for each ribbon cable. *Be cautious when removing and handling ribbon cables as they are very fragile.

  • Lastly, remove the last two ribbon cables located at the top of the keyboard.

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  • Remove each cable and connection to the logic board.

  • Next, remove the screws holding the motherboard to the bottom case.

  • There may be a screw in this area, there was not in the computer I worked on.

  • Remove the screw holding the wifi card in place. Pull the wifi card out.

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  • The hardest connection to remove, this is the cable to the AC/DC power port. Remove it by pulling the outside edges of the connector and wiggling gently.

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  • Remove the fan by disconnecting the white pin connector and then removing the only Phillips crew holding the fan in place.

  • Now you're ready to put the new logic board in!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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