• Completely turn off the laptop before trying to remove the battery.

  • Turn the laptop upside down, and find the sliding tabs located on the battery.

  • Slide both tabs in an inward direction then slide the battery away from the laptop

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To remove the bottom cover pull the orange tab to the right until it clicks.
  • To remove the bottom cover pull the orange tab to the right until it clicks.

  • Carefully disconnect the clips as you lift the bottom cover

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  • Remove the three black screws marked by the keyboard symbol using the PH1 screwdriver

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  • Turn the laptop upright and open it

  • Disconnect the clips located around the perimeter of the keyboard

    • Starting from either the left or right side, slide the plastic opening tool between the top edge of the keyboard and the plastic bezel (start either above the esc key or the delete key)

    • Lever the keyboard up until it comes out or you can also grab the keyboard with your fingers, and then gently pull the keyword until it comes out on both sides.

  • Be careful not to pull keyboard out too fast, because there is a fragile ribbon cable that attaches to the motherboard behind the keyboard.

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  • Tilt the keyboard over to reveal the ribbon cable.

  • Lift up the black tab on top of the keyboard ribbon cable to release the ribbon cable.

  • Pull the ribbon cable out of the receptacle. This should not require any effort.

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To install a different keyboard, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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