This guide teaches you how to replace the motherboard in an HP EliteBook 8560w.

    • With the back of the laptop facing towards you, simply push the battery latch to the right, and out comes the battery.

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    • Push the latch to the left like shown in the video, and then help the bottom cover off, like in the attached video.

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    • Get out the Philips #1 bit, and unscrew the three captive screws securing the keyboard.

    • Remove the single captive Philips screw securing the disc drive, then push the disc drive out by using your screwdriver on the area right above the disc drive screw.

    • Remove the two captive Philips screws securing the Smart Card (SC) reader, then lift the SC reader up. The SC reader is hinged at the point opposite to the screws.

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    • With the laptop's screen open and the disc drive out, hold up the laptop, push on the underside of the metal plate below the keyboard.

    • Flip the laptop right side-up and pull the keyboard, taking care not to rip the ribbon cables out of their sockets.

    • Disengage the ribbon cables from their sockets by pulling up on each socket tab, then pulling the cable gently upwards.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Use your fingers or a screwdriver to get under the black pull tab for the hard drive, and pull it out from the curved hole it is under.

    • Remove the three captive Philips screws securing the hard drive caddy.

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    • Break out the Torx T9 bit, and start removing the seven M2.5x3 screws securing the palmrest.

    • Remove the three M2x4.5 screws under where the optical drive was.

    I also had to remove a few M2.5 x 6 screws here, else the palmrest wouldn’t come off

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    • Remove the tape covering the touchpad connector.

    • Use any long tool to pull gently upwards on the touchpad cable locking connector, then pull up on the cable.

    • Repeat for the next four connectors.

    • These locking connectors are easy to break, so be very cautious! On the other hand, if you're replacing the motherboard, it probably doesn't matter.

    • Pull upwards on the palmrest.

    Five more screws 2.5x6 needs to be removed before the palmrest can be removed!

    Thomas - Reply

    • Remove the three small screws from the USB board, and remove the USB board.

    • Remove the two small screws from the VGA board.

    • Remove the one long screw from the VGA board, and remove the VGA board.

    • Remove the five small screws from the motherboard.

    • Remove the four long screws from the motherboard/CPU cooler.

    • Remove the two short screws from the DP/USB/Firewire board.

    • Remove the two mid-length screws from the left speaker, and disconnect the speaker connector from the motherboard.

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    • Remove the short screw securing the LCD assembly to the base.

    • Remove the three long screws securing the LCD assembly to the base.

    • Flip the laptop over and remove the wireless antennas, pulling them from their clips.

    • Also remove the modem port plug from the modem card, and remove the cables from their clips.

    • Remove the four silver screws from the back of the laptop securing the LCD assembly to the base. Keep these screws separate from the other ones.

    • Remove four more black screws securing the LCD assembly to the base.

    • Remove the LCD cables and LCD assembly from the motherboard.

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    • Here on the left-front, there is some rubber. Take the rubber out to reveal a small screw.

    • Unscrew one screen latch screw.

    • Lift the SD Reader board at 45-degree angle, and pull it out.

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    • Underneath where the SD Reader board was, there will be one short screw holding the motherboard.

    • There will also be a longer screw.

    • There will be a short cable attached to the bottom of the motherboard. Don't tug on the motherboard just yet, just lift it slowly and carefully. Be sure to remove that cable.

    • At last, you are done!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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