This guide will show you how to find your RAM and how to remove it properly.

  1. Flip the device over and locate the battery compartment.
    • Flip the device over and locate the battery compartment.

    • Slide the battery release latch on the left and right side until the battery is detached from its slot.

    • A noticeable pop will be heard when the battery is fully released.

  2. Pull the battery out of its slot.
    • Pull the battery out of its slot.

      • Be careful not to damage any of the connectors in the process.

    • Place the laptop on a clean, flat surface with the bottom side facing up.

    • Using a Phillips Head Screwdriver, remove the screws anchoring the bottom casing.

      • Note: Make sure to keep track of the screws once they have been removed.

    • Locate the screws about 1 inch from the battery release tabs and use a Phillips Head Screwdriver to remove these screws.

      • Note:Place these newly removed screws with the ones removed in Step 2.

    • Locate the rubber friction pads on the top corners of the laptop. Pry the pads from the laptop and place them off to the side

    • Removing the friction pads will reveal two more anchoring screws.

      • Note: The adhesive keeping the pads on the laptop will weaken once doing this, but it is necessary to removing the bottom cover of the laptop.

    • Remove disc reader.

      • Note: If all screws are removed it should slide out easily.

    • Use a plastic prod to pry the back cover off the laptop.

      • Be careful not to damage the laptop while prying.

    • Ensure your computer is shut down.

    • Remove any power adapters and cords connected to the laptop body.

    • Turn the computer over so the bottom is facing up.

    • Follow our guide on how to remove the backcover.

    • Push the two metal tabs on the side of the RAM module outwards, towards the battery and CMOS compartments (up and down).

    • Once the module is released, gently pull the module upwards.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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