This is to replace an LCD Panel for No Video issue.

First, try doing a factory reset on your device. If that doesn't work, you may try replacing the part. Your issue could be caused by a faulty LCD Panel, or a Faulty Motherboard. I have listed the part numbers for everything. No soldering is involved. Best of luck!


No tools required.


No parts required.

  1. Remove (2) screws (14 mm) with a PH1 screwdriver on the device.
    • Remove (2) screws (14 mm) with a PH1 screwdriver on the device.

      • There is one screw on the back left, and another just below it on the bottom of the device.

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  2. Use a plastic spudger to remove the front preset selection buttons.
    • Use a plastic spudger to remove the front preset selection buttons.

      • We recommend you remove all of them for easier access.

    • Gently reach underneath and pull off the mesh speaker cover. It only clips in so don't worry about breaking anything.

    “it only clips”

    Broke 3/4 “clips” on the first try,

    you should be worried.

    Andrew King - Reply

    • Remove (4) screws (14 mm) with a PH1 screwdriver on the front panel by the speaker.

    • Be careful with these screws, as they can be stripped easily.

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    • Move the metal spudger around the front panel to remove any adhesive attaching the front panel to the device.

    • Pull apart the front panel from the device with help from the metal spudger.

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    • Detach a pin connector at the top of the device using a metal spudger to open up the inner components.

    • Detach (4) pin connectors inside using a metal spudger to separate the front panel from the rest of the device.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Remove (10) screws (10 mm) with a PH1 screwdriver on the display board.

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    • Remove the motherboard from the front panel.

    • If motherboard is difficult to separate, DO NOT force it. Check to see if all the screws were removed and proceed to remove the motherboard gently.

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    • First - Follow the steps in the previous guide to remove the motherboard.

    • **I found the removal of the front knob to be stubborn - but it will pull straight out with a little encouragement.

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    • At this point, you can see the motherboard with the daughter board (Audio Controller?) and the LCD Cable running under it.

    • Gently pull upward on the daughter board to remove it from the motherboard and access the LCD cable. Be careful not to bend any pins.

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    • Carefully lift the black tab on the LCD Connector to release the LCD Cable.

    • There are 4 black clips holding the LCD Display to the other side of the mother board. Gently release the clips by pressing down on each one, so they pop through the other side.

    • Thread the LCD Cable outward, through the slot on the motherboard.

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    • You now have the LCD Panel, but it is still in a protective casing, which must be removed to replace the LCD.

    • The LCD Panel is attached with a little adhesive. Simply use gentle pressure at the bottom of the LCD, near the cable, to push it out of the casing.

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    • That's it! Now for the part numbers.

    • First we have the LCD Panel #LQ035NC111

    • Next the Motherboard part number is Mondo V4 PCB146402A

    • Next, the daughter board (Audio Controller?) which only says: Digit Sound Reciva Stingray Issue D

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    • Last Part Number - I believe this is the wifi adapter. It appears to be glued into a usb port. I believe it could be pulled free without much trouble, but I didn't try it.

    • BL-LWXX

    • Best of luck! I went through these steps due to a Display Issue. The radio has audio, but I cannot see anything on the screen. I don't know, for certain, whether the LCD Display is faulty or the controller (motherboard). Any feedback would be appreciated.

    здравствуйте! проблема в маленькой микросхеме, которая обеспечивает подсветку дисплея, u201

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Update: I wanted to let people know that I was shipped a Motherboard from the company when I called them about the issue. Replacing the motherboard (not the Display panel) resolved my 'no display' issue.

Seby - Reply

When prying the front panel apart , after all the screws were removed, it helps if you use a heat gun, or blow drier to heat up both surfaces around the edge of the speaker section to soften the glue. it will be very difficult to not damage the edges if the glue is cold, or room temperature. It will open very easy if you heat it just enough. Don't melt anything in the process, keep moving the heat around, don't leave it in one spot too long.

joe - Reply

I need a part number for the headphone jack, can anyone help with a suitable replacement ?

joe - Reply

I would not recommend a heat gun. The plastic is easy to melt. A hairdryer would be sufficient if you choose to apply heat. I did not find the need to apply heat at all though, and the front panel came loose with gentle pressure.

Seby - Reply

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