This guide will outline how to replace a cracked, shattered, or faulty screen on a Google Pixel C.

Ensure that the device is completely powered down before beginning to take it apart
  • Ensure that the device is completely powered down before beginning to take it apart

  • Use a heat gun to melt the adhesive that holds the screen to the device

  • Move the heat gun around the edge of the screen for approximately 1 minute, or until the screen can be lifted off in the next step.

  • Make sure not to heat the screen for too long because too much can damage other components inside the tablet.

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Use a suction cup to assist in lifting the screen while prying around its edges with a plastic spudger.
  • Use a suction cup to assist in lifting the screen while prying around its edges with a plastic spudger.

  • If necessary use a metal spudger to pry the screen up, taking care not to scratch the device.

  • Be careful not to pull the screen too far off. It will still be attached to the device by a cable for the front facing camera and the wide display data cable.

  • Reattaching the screen will require adhesive to ensure that it stays in place.

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  • Detach the cables for the camera by lifting the small flap using the tip of your fingernail or a spudger. Gently pull the ribbon cable out.

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  • Follow the same removal procedure to detach the wide gold cable.

  • When reattaching cables, it is helpful to use tweezers to slide the cable in before securing it down with the flap.

  • This device is missing a battery, so the device that you are working on may appear slightly different inside.

This is not very useful if there is no way of getting the parts.

Lorenzo Braschi - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can a replacement screen be located?

Ronnie Williams - Reply

Where can i buy a spare screen for this tablet?

Luigi Abbinante - Reply

Yes, I have to buy the screen too, but where??

Кирилл Кнышев - Reply

All very nice but unfortunately useless without knowing where to get the parts :(

Lorenzo Braschi - Reply

Ciao Lorenzo, sei poi riuscito a trovare il ricambio?

Luigi Abbinante -


Ganz ehrlich, diese Anleitung hat mir persönlich nur teilweise weitergeholfen. Die Schritte sind ausführlich erklärt, jedoch fehlen einige wichtige Details wie z.B. die benötigte Temperaturstärke für den Air Heater um den Industriekleber schmelzen zu lassen, um das Display zu entfernen.

Dafür hätte ich mir gerne mehr Informationen gewünscht anstatt ‘stundenlang’ selbst zu experimentieren. 250°C und mindestens 2 1/2 Minuten einmal ringsherum föhnen hat den gewünschten Erfolg gebracht.


Honestly, this guide only provided partial help. The steps are explained in detail, but some important details, e.g. the required temperature for the Air Heater to melt the industrial adhesive to remove the display were lacking. For that I would like to have more information instead of 'experimenting for hours' myself. 250 ° C and at least 2 1/2 minutes of guiding the heat around the frame has brought the desired success.

Kundenmatrix69 - Reply

Hi, did you find a spare display?

Luigi Abbinante -

Did anyone find where to get a replacement screen?

Jon Dixon - Reply

Did anyone ever find a replacement screen?

Jon Dixon - Reply

Where can we get a new screen?

Kyle Smutny - Reply

Nobody have lcd assembly for this?????

Reparactif Trois Rivieres - Reply

It seems the ifixit staff abandoned this article after creating it, as I see a lot of repeat questions regarding where to acquire a replacement screen but no answer.

I’d like to know where to acquire adhesive to get the screen tightly back in place, after I’ve opened it up. Not to mention the best way to use a heat gun on the screen, to make sure no harm comes to the screen or the parts inside.

This article is nice, but no where near complete.

Mike - Reply

Where to buy the replacement screen???

danchee - Reply

i checked that site its a scam one dont buy there ^^^i contacted some reapir shops they told me there are no parts worldwide aviable …. if someone got an broken pixel c i would but the digitizer from it

fiare FoXx (SkyFox) - Reply

There is a MAJOR flaw with the Pixel C, the LCD ribbon! If you've had you Pixel C for any length of time, you may notice a "half-screen" blackout, or multicolored pixels. I have been through 4 now (under warranty trades) and all four did the same thing after a month or two. What I found was that the ribbon connecting the system to the LCD was loose, but this was not the issue. I found where the manufacturer had glued the LCD terminal ribbon to the LCD was partially ripped (no I did not rip it separating the unit). The ribbon appeared to be brittle and very fragile. I suspect that when the unit gets hot (playing games, etc.) and the constant pressure of taping the screen near this ribbon caused it to rip. This is an engineering flaw and the only solution is to keep replacing this digitizer screen when is starts to misbehave. Spend you $$$ on something more reliable, like a Samsung.

Eric Anderson - Reply

I have the same problem. A repairer told me the parts is not available in US now. It can be ordered from China. However, he suggested me to just give up and buy another tablet(of course - not Pixel c). It will take more than two weeks to get it shipped.

William Wu - Reply

Hi Mr. Wu.I noticed what you said ‘lt can be ordered from China’. my pixel c screen was crack. l live in china if that repairer could tell u where is the china screen factory. I can help u buy this parts and sent to your place by ups. i really like pixel c,pls help me,

u can contact by thanks.


I have a Pixel C and the touch screen stopped working intermittently and now is completely dead. I called Google but it is 6 months out of warranty (2 year). They won’t help any further and told me that a replacement screen can’t be bought. If an address in China is found, please share it as I like the Pixel C very much and don’t have the money to buy a replacement.

Milan van Tuin - Reply

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