For this Fast Fixit you will be taking off a worn or old golf grip and replacing it with a new one. In order to do this we will be cutting the old grip off and putting an adhesive solution along with tape onto the golf club in order to attach the new grip.

Place the golf club securely on a level table.
  • Place the golf club securely on a level table.

  • Using a blade or knife, cut a line through the grip.

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Remove the grip from the golf club shaft.
  • Remove the grip from the golf club shaft.

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  • Use the knife to take off any excess residue from the shaft of the club.

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  • Apply the double sided tape to the bare shaft in a spiral pattern.

  • Use the grip to determine how far up the shaft the tape needs to go.

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  • Remove the tape backing.

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  • Place a golf tee in the hole at the end of the golf grip.

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  • Pour a generous amount of adhesive into the opposite end of the grip.

  • Squeeze together the open end of the grip.

  • Lightly shake, in order to spread the adhesive within the grip.

You must not use adhesive!

You must use light solvent!

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  • Over a bowl or container, pour adhesive in the grip onto the shaft of the golf club.

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  • Remove the tee from the back of the grip.

  • Push the grip onto the golf club shaft.

  • Ensure that the end of the grip is hitting the end of the shaft.

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  • Allow to dry at least 12 hours before use.

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After allowing the club to properly dry, you will have a new grip to improve your swing at tee off.

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