The battery is connected to the motherboard with a few wires. Be sure to be careful when removing the battery to not damage the motherboard or the battery.

Be sure to power off the GoPro before you start disassembly.
  • Be sure to power off the GoPro before you start disassembly.

  • Pop up and pull back on the clip to remove the screen cover and expose the back panel with the touchscreen.

No parts required! What about the microSD/Micro USB assembly!!!! where to buy?!?!

WPN - Reply

Use the metal spudger to pry around the perimeter of the panel.
  • Use the metal spudger to pry around the perimeter of the panel.

  • Pry the panel upwards by inserting the metal spudger into the corner crease between the panel and camera shell.

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  • Pry around the panel to ensure it is not attached to the device.

  • Move the panel to the side so you can access the internal components.

  • The panel is still attached to the rest of the device with a ribbon cable, so be sure to not tear or damage the cable.

а где можно купить вот этот шлейф соединяющий дисплей и плату.???

Александр «ivkadre» Карпенко - Reply

  • Locate the battery.

  • Peel back the rear panel ribbon cable that is adhered to the battery until it is completely separated from the battery.

  • Be careful of metal contacts on strip, they can be sharp.

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  • Using tweezers, peel off the copper tape on the right side of the battery.

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  • Place the plastic opening tool at one of the edges of the battery then pry until the battery is removed from the GoPro.

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  • Use a pair of tweezers to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.

  • Gently pull the battery off the motherboard. Pulling vertically off the motherboard will give a clean release.

Lift the battery connector straight up.

glenn tanner - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This is a superb guide but where can one buy a replacement battery? I have looked on the web for the one in your photo but can't find a specific one.

I want to buy one of these cameras but would like to know I can replace the battery.


Andrew - Reply

I am also trying to find the replacement battery for a Hero+. Have found a lot of batteries for all other versions of Gopro cams, but not one single one for a Hero+.

I have also sent an email to Gopro to get help. I am not prepared for an answer but I really would like to get hold of a battery.

Does anyone know how to get one?

Please contact me: Rikard from Sweden.



Rikard Hård -

hi, do you know where i can get the housing for the gopro hero+ lcd. mine is broken and need a new one but can't find it anywhere...........


christianrisan - Reply

not even amazon?

Mary D'Alesandro -

this is awesome thanks a lot! , i dont want to be rude, but the title says battery replacementnt , why isnt anyone preparing a battery and putting it back in?, All everyone is doing is taking th battery out

John misquita - Reply

This is simply a teardown. Sorry for not being very helpful. There might be an update coming soon.

Mary D'Alesandro -

Nope not even on amazon or eBay, been lokking a long time now....

christianrisan - Reply

do you know, where to buy the battery???

beuermangabriel - Reply

where to buy the battery?

pavel.novichkov - Reply

Hey, did anyone find out where to get a battery for the GoPro Hero + LCD ???

Not much point in pull the original one out if you can’t find a replacement…

tedkell1968 - Reply

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