This guide will be helpful if you are attempting to replace your nuviCam LMTHD battery. You might have a little trouble opening the device, but it does come off with a little force using the plastic prying tools. You might need to replace the battery if your device is not holding it's charge or the device is over heating. The battery is fairly simple to remove, good luck.

Remove the four 6.9 mm black screws using the T6 screw bit.
  • Remove the four 6.9 mm black screws using the T6 screw bit.

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Pry the device open using a plastic opening tool.
  • Pry the device open using a plastic opening tool.

  • We suggest starting from the dash camera side for easier opening

  • You may have to use a little force, the screen is hard to remove.

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  • Disconnect the black and red wire from the screen.

The little plug on the screen pulls out. Remove the tape carefully.

Gerald Knoch - Reply

  • Disconnect the orange strip by flipping up the connector with a plastic opening tool and sliding the cable out.

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  • Locate the white box in your device which is the battery.

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  • Disconnect battery from device pulling the green, red, and black wires from motherboard.

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  • Disconnect orange cable strip laying across battery by sliding it out of connector .

  • It may be at your benefit to use tweezers. It will be easier to reconnect the orange ribbon later with this tool.

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  • Pry battery out of device.

  • Battery is glued into device, so it may be difficult to remove.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where did you buy the battery? What is the voltage/current?

John Justin - Reply

It is nice to see how to remove the battery, but would like to have one handy before I start. Where can I buy one and what are the specifications?

Gary - Reply

I believe Garmin Part No. 361-00066-00 is correct (also used in the Nuvi 27xx series). It is available on AMazon and eBay.

guy.adamson - Reply

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