This guide will show how to replace the charge port of the device.

Place the plastic opening tool into the SD card slot or charge port.
  • Place the plastic opening tool into the SD card slot or charge port.

  • Try in an upward motion until you see a separation between the tablet and back cover.

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Work around the entire device by sliding the plastic opening tool around the rim.
  • Work around the entire device by sliding the plastic opening tool around the rim.

  • If this is the first time, it will be hard to separate the back cover from the tablet.

  • The clips are approximately 5 cm apart. While working around the device, the clips will make a dislocating sound when disconnected.

It is not necessary to remove just the white part under penalty of breaking the pins, it is necessary to remove the back with the colored outline of the tablet

paquito - Reply

  • Remove the back cover once all links have been separated.

  • Be careful when touching any of the internal components of the tablet.

This is the wrong method to open it! You have to open it beetween the front-Display and the golden rim.

agnuz6569 - Reply

  • Place the plastic opening tool in between the outer rim.

  • Move the tool in a downward motion to separate the 2 parts.

  • Run the tool along the rim to disconnect all connectors holding the outer rim to the back of the device.

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  • Repeat this step for all four sides, then remove the rim.

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  • Remove the two 2 mm Phillips #000 screws in the charge port bracket.

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  • Using the spudger, pry out the SD card slot.

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  • Using the spudger, disconnect the charge port from the motherboard.

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  • Pry out the charge port bracket.

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  • Pull out the charge port and the SD card slot.

Das Lösen des Flachbandkabels könnte noch dabei sein. Schutz ablösen und Verriegelung hochheben.

Ansonsten eine tolle Anleitung

juergen huebner - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Very easy, but first part was bad... SD card wouldn't latch. So TIL to test ports for mechanical function before doing the repair.

Ted Simpson - Reply

You might want to add a description on how to disconnect / reconnect the ribbon cable at the other end of the port. I pried up and did not slide out the ribbon cable. Thus breaking off the connector. Totally my fault and not reflective on your tutorial. I just want others not to experience my goof.

brandonmdozier - Reply

I broke mine as well. Do you know where I can purchase a new connector??

Abby -

Alright tutorial. Missed 2 things: 1) I was able to spludge around the rim and easily removed it and the back at the same time. 2) Forgetting to include how to disconnect the ribbon on the inside end could be problematic for first timers.

However, the pictures of how to get the port out were first rate (another tutorial showed different and potentially damaging way to remove it). I am glad I read both. All together it took less than 10 minutes to get everything back together and now it is charging like a champ! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

Michael Williams - Reply

I broke the connector at the end of the ribbon cable too. Someone should include directions about how to remove it properly. And where can you get a new connector?

patsheapt - Reply

where the white line is across ribbon cable, very gently use a thin pry tool under edge of black connector lock and very carefully lift up black strip, you will see it start to move, work your way along strip lifting pry tool a little higher each time, you will then here it click as it comes unlocked and it will lift up all the way along releasing old ribbon cable. refit new cable in exact position then gently press down on black strip until it clicks in place. re-assemble bezel refit simm and sd cards and away you go. Tablet now charges okay. Well mine did anyway.

Ralph Nelson - Reply

Just did it. Hardest part is to remove the frame (it was for me anyway). Make sure to read carefully Ralph Nelson comment to know how to remove properly the other end of the ribbon cable (it's held in place by a black plastic lock). After that, putting the frame and the back cover back in place is rather easy. Now my tablet is charging again, yay :)

Baptiste Legrand - Reply

So is a broken connector fixable? I broke mine even after reading the comments

Lizvinia - Reply

It was very easy to fix it !!! 15 minutes work and so simple.

Olivier Leloup - Reply

I broke ZIF connector on the charging black ribbon. Somebody knows where to buy?

Libra - Reply

I broke the connector too! Very fragile! Did anyone figure out a way to fix/replace the connector? Now it's like watching a slow death for my tablet - when the battery goes, it's done! AHHHH!!!

Andy Leedom - Reply

@abby7518 - ever get an answer? Can the connector to the motherboard be replaced?

Andy Leedom - Reply


just replaced my charging port took about 15 minutes. be careful re the black locking strip as it locates into the two small holes in the ribbon once it is pushed all the way in. please read all the comments and you wont go wrong.

take your time and be careful. thanks for the instructions.

MARK H - Reply

brought my replacement parts [port etc.] from world of mobiles gmbh. on 24-4-17 and paid normal post and arrived today 9/5/17. i live in adelaide australia so i think thats good service. the part was genuine samsung.

MARK H - Reply

Hello Dear

I'm from Cambodian and i error charger port Tap S 10"5

How to Order?

Sopheak168 - Reply

I have followed these instructions and it now charges, however, the replacement power port causes the screen to go off. when i unplug the port the tablet screen stays on, the screen also stays on in boot mode . it only has the issue one android boots normally. any ideas? is it just a dodgy replacement part?

Pete Wilson - Reply

Can you fix the ribbon connector? Broke during replacement

Crystal Nelson - Reply

Did you get a fix for this? Same issue and I need to replace again .

Bridget Simon -

Super easy! I didnt use step 4-5 as Ive seen too many people complain about getting that back on. I went with the method of just detaching the portion near the port without taking it off completely that I saw on youtube ("How to Replace the Charger Port on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S" by CellularProz). And to think, I was about to chunk my Galaxy Tab and possibly buy a ipad pro. Whoever thought of making this website is the greatest!

Jerry Hills - Reply

I replaced mine and like many posts I damaged ribbon connector , charges very slow and dies really fast . Anyone got a fix for this ?

Bridget Simon - Reply

I had no problem replacing the port. Just follow the directions and take your time. Took less than 30 minutes to complete.

creevey - Reply

Good tutorial but there is a missing step to explain how to take off the inside end of the ribbon. I finally managed to do it but it’s no so easy without a proper explanation… I would recommend to read all the comments or watch a video tutorial :)

Willie Robert - Reply

Nice website, very helpful!

I had my tablet 1 year, was under extended warranty. Sent it into service for battery problems & extreme overheating, one year later the charge port failed, I opened it up to replace the part and lifted the black flap on FPC connector to release the ribbon cable. It literally crumbled into pieces. I'm assuming the part was brittle from the extreme heat problem. Truly disappointed with this tablet because, I see everyone else having the same issues.

So I've decided to buy the tools needed to start repairing devices myself. Replacement parts are inexpensive and this way I can help others with repairs just like this website is trying to do.

These devices should least at last 4-5 years… obviously not going to be the case as we go into the future.

Rae Mini Hopa - Reply

Just a question. I replaced may charger port also and works fine but my sd reader will not recognize any cards anymore. Thoughts?

Lyn Yeo - Reply

How can I replace the 45 pin connector for the charging port ribbon on my galaxy ta s 10.5 it needs to be soldered.

Wayne sharp *** - Reply

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