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  1. The Phone checks for unwanted resistance on two of the pins on the usb-c charge connector on the phone. If there is water or too much moisture present in the connector, it will trigger a warning/audio beep - and disable charging.
    • The Phone checks for unwanted resistance on two of the pins on the usb-c charge connector on the phone. If there is water or too much moisture present in the connector, it will trigger a warning/audio beep - and disable charging.

    • The water present check is performed when charger is inserted.

    • Salt water, or water with clorine is absolutely not good for the connector. Should it happen - DO NOT CHARGE VIA THE CONNECTOR. clean and dry it before charging. This can save the connector/phone.

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  3. To fix the issue:
    • To fix the issue:

    • 1. Use compressed air (gently) to blow into the connector to remove liquid or loose debris. Alternatively use a straw and blow directly into the connector.

    • 2 . Clean the connector with clean water and paper towel cut in tiny strip. Dispense water gently via drop directly into the connector, and remove them again with paper towel strips

    • 3. Let it dry: leave the connector alone for 6hrs so it can dry out before charging. Using the phone in this time span is ok as long as it's not charged.

    • If charging is needed urgently, use wireless charging (S9+)

    • Be aware that the charge cable connector can be contaminated with salt/ or rust. Therefore it need to be gently cleaned as described above . Else it can transfer to the phone, and cause the issue again. Or cause the issue while connected to the phone.

    Will the alert go on away on it's own?

    Tlou Maphosa motsinoni - Reply

    Mine did not go away, even after several hours and then a half hour blowing on it with a hair dryer. Ended up spraying it with electrical contact cleaner and it went away immediately.

    Albert Einstein - Reply


No charging on a wet connector.

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Carsten Dahl Hjarup

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The alert go away on its own, when the connector issue is not present anymore.

However it is strongly suspected that the same mechanism is active inside the phone, so it screen is broken

or the sealing on the phone is not working anymore - it could be moisture inside the phone that cause the issue.

If this happens, I would leave phone on a heat source (radiator etc.) to dry out , at about 30-40 DEG C.

If someone have more info or experience on this topic, please leave in the comments :o)

Carsten Dahl Hjarup - Reply

I have a S9, it is showing the moisture problem and my battery is dead, can not charge it, I live in Zambia and do not have an Samsung repair shop close to me, is there anything else I can do to fix?

Christo Deysel - Reply

same did you fix the issue?

RadiusThinker -

It is showing the blue droplet when inserting the charger and also to remove the charger, and it was not in contact with any liquid at all.

Christo Deysel - Reply

Christo, you can always charge your phone with wireless charger. My gf is having the same issue but she can charge with a wireless charger!

Shaikh Shiban Qureshi - Reply

first clean out with tiny piece of paper then ask anthony and chris to have man talk make sure teyyre being very intense


It seems some high quality usb c cables causes the problem. Faling back to the original cable solves the problem.

Eelco de Graaff - Reply

The problems are due to using the wrong charger. I too have this problem and my phone / charger has been no where near water.

You should not have this problem if you use the correct charging lead.

Shelly Fox - Reply

I got the same problem. My S9 got wet, then I rechearged normally and it worked. The day after I got the known message and I couldn’t rechearge the phone. I used a hairdryer and it didn’t work. I thought maybe the phone got some soap on the pins so I put it in water and moved it so soap was gone. Then I dried it and it didn’t work. Then I powered it off, put it in charge and then repowered it on and the message was gone.

Andrea - Reply

I left mine in front of a fan overnight then sprayed the port with canned air. I then cut thin strips of paper towel and dabbed them in the port. Problem solved. It is now charging 12 hours later…

smurfrsurfr - Reply

All i did was use a dab of hand sanitize on a piece of tissue rubbed it back and forth, i guess the sensor reminded me of my old school Sega. Blew in it … had the error for like 3hrs up until then. Shut down my phone and plugged into the charger

Quincy Gerald - Reply

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