Here you can learn how to replace a leaking steam valve on a Gaggia Classic.

Phillips  screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • 5mm T Allen wrench

  • Plier wrench

  • 18mm open wrench

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Use the philips screwdriver to open the two screws on the top of the machine.
  • Use the philips screwdriver to open the two screws on the top of the machine.

  • Lift the top cover and put it on the side.

  • Look inside and you will see the brass valve that attached to the steam knob(black arrow), the 2 allen screws (green arrows) and the copper (or stainless steel) steam wand pipe(red arrow).

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  • Pull the steam knob out. If its too hard, try to gently pry it out with a flathead screwdriver from the inner side of the machine.

  • Please be careful not to damage the plastic steam knob. Sometimes it can be fragile.

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  • Use The 18mm wrench to open the hex nut.

  • Pull the copper pipe to the side so it wont be in the way.

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  • Use your allen wrench to open both screws for the steam valve.

  • Please pay attention: if the screws are too tight / rusted, if you try too hard they might break.

  • Move the steam valve from side to side and see if it comes off easily. If it seems to be stuck, use the pliers to move it sideways and up until it comes off.

  • Be carful not to damage the aluminum boiler.

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  • Remove the valve, gasket and the attached plastic piece and put it aside.

  • This is how an old steam valve looks.

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  • Now its time to clean the old gasket marks from the boiler

  • Use a wire brush to do the job

  • Please make sure the top of the boiler is clear from any objects (screws) that might fall into the open hole.

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  • In the Kit you will find the new stainless steel valve with a black gasket and a small bag with food grade lube.

  • Lets get the valve ready to be installed! First, use the lube from the bag on the gasket and make sure its clean.

  • Second, place the plastic guard on the end of the valve with the flat side facing out.

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  • Place the new valve back on the boiler with the gasket facing down.

  • Insert both allen screws and lock them tight.

  • Install the copper steam line back on the valve. Use the 18mm open wrench to complete the job.

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  • Install the steam knob back on the valve.

  • Put the top cover bak onto the machine and fasten both of the philips screws.

  • Congratulations! You are done!

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