Floor Pump Drive Hose Replacement

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Replace the drive hose on your floor pump.

  • Author: iRobot
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Over time, the hose on your steel floor drive pump may wear or puncture. Use this guide to install a new hose.

Edit Step 1 Drive Hose  ¶ 

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Edit Step 1 Drive Hose  ¶ 

  • Use a pair of pliers to loosen the hose pinch by turning it counterclockwise a couple of turns.

  • Continue to loosen the hose pinch by hand until it comes free from its threads.

  • Slide the hose pinch down the tube so that it does not interfere with removing the hose.

Edit Step 2  ¶ 

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Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • Using a hobby knife, carefully slice a slit in the bottom of the hose to allow it to slide off.

    • Be careful and go slowly so as not to damage the nipple underneath.

  • Use a metal prying tool or flathead screwdriver to pry the hose up off of the nipple.

  • Remove the hose from the pump.

Edit Step 3  ¶ 

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Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • Slide the hose pinch off of the end of the old hose and onto the new hose.

  • Be sure that the threaded end of the hose pinch faces toward the open end of the new hose.

Edit Step 4  ¶ 

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Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • Use a metal rod or screwdriver to widen the new hose so that it will fit over the nipple.

  • Slide the hose in place.

  • Push down on the hose clamp while twisting it clockwise to thread it in place.

For more information, check out the Floor Pump device page.

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