Technique: Fixing Playstation 3 Green Light of Death (GLOD)

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Member-Contributed Guide

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my ps3 power on automaitically stoeed

This guide will show you how to reset the GLOD.

Edit Step 1 Fixing Playstation 3 Green Light of Death (GLOD)  ¶ 

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Edit Step 1 Fixing Playstation 3 Green Light of Death (GLOD)  ¶ 

  • While the PS3 is on (green LED on), put the PS3 into standby mode (red power LED) by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.

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  • Now when the PS3 is in standby mode, hold the power button down until you hear it beep about 2 or 3 times, then release the power button.

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  • This will reset the video settings to the lowest settings and when you start the PS3 with HDMI or PS3 AV cable connected, it will go through the setup process and you will now see a picture on the TV screen.


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I have tried this multiple times, even took up a few hints about removing the HDD and putting it back in, and then trying.... it still did not work.... does any one have any idea of how to REALLY fix this?!

codylawinger - Reply

does not work for me i have a slim model. still striving to find a solution.

krn - Reply

I have also been searching endlessly for a solution to this problem for my CECH-2001A model PS3 Slim. The majority of the time my system turns on with the GLOD. The rest of the time it works perfectly. I've tried safe mode and went through all the steps numerous times. I've also tried three different hard drives, two different HDMI cables and two different tv's. None of which alleviate the problem. I've also replaced the thermal paste and am religious with keeping it dust free. The only other solution I've found is that the RSX may be the culprit. Other than that, I'm at a loss.

David - Reply

This does not work for me. I get one beep (on) then one beep (off) then it goes red. I have a CECHL01 model. Still no video. Will a reflow also help HDMI loss?

James - Reply

aww man it did not work for me

StevenSon654 Gaming Channel - Reply

I pressed the Power button for 5 sec every &&^&^$^ time and nothing happen plz help meh lor gabe!

kenanauberger - Reply

about 2 or 3, which is it, or which is it supposed to be? I can get the two beeps and once i thought i heard three...i'm thinking 3 is the reset, but the system won't do it.?

athirdbaseman - Reply

i held that button down for a min or two i got one beep and it came on but still a black screen and iv done this over and over are there any known causes of this issue?

Roger Leclerc - Reply

My son was playing mine and the screen became all pixelated with white lines.

My understanding as I did find a YouTube video that shows the same thing as mine did. Is that the gpu hasn't went bad but needs to be reflowed or reballed.

I would tell you if it worked or not but when I was putting it back together I broke off the clip on the motherboard that the ribbon cable plugs into from the eject and on and off board.

So my recommendation would be try a reflow.

Eric Spurlock -