Fitbit charge teardown. It stopped working and was sent a new one so tore old one open...wondering if possible to replace battery (cant find a replacement) as the voltage is 0.

LSSP031420AB lipoly battery.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Fitbit charge HR, use our service manual.

Remove all four T3 Torx screws. Then "pop" out the electronics by pressing in the reset hole and pushing out the side with a pin.  Use your thumb and push it up towards the wrist band clip (top in this picture).  The unit "slides" up and out.
  • Remove all four T3 Torx screws. Then "pop" out the electronics by pressing in the reset hole and pushing out the side with a pin. Use your thumb and push it up towards the wrist band clip (top in this picture). The unit "slides" up and out.

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To access the lipo, remove the two screws above the screen. Pull the circular vibrating motor out and pull out the board.
  • To access the lipo, remove the two screws above the screen. Pull the circular vibrating motor out and pull out the board.

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  • Image 3a) Two inner screws removed, case gently pried open.

  • Image 3b) Obverse, showing battery glued onto the circuit. Be careful when prying this up as it could pull off the other connectors.

  • Expanded view showing battery pried out.

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The band on mine fell apart but I already had one sent for warranty. Min still worked so I took it apart, and while trying to look for a replacement lipo (Searching the number on the battery) i came here... The batter is measuring between 4.1 and 4.2v. There appears to be some sort of protection or charging board taped to the lipo that I think we need to keep if we are to replace the lipo battery.

Randy Fyfe - Reply

I did some more searching, lipo batteries in this voltage are usually labelled as "3.7V" meaning they are a cell with protection pcb that operates up to 4.2v (full charge) down to 3.2V (discharged).

The battery cell in mine measure approx 12mm x 18mm x 2.5mm (WxHxT); with the proection pcb it was a total of about 12mm x 22mm x 2.5mm.

I ahve not found an exact replacement, but did find 10mm x 20mm x 2.5mm cells which should fit... going to order some and see if a bit of soldering will ahve a better running fitbit. :)

Randy Fyfe - Reply


I figured at somepoint someone would have a similar problem. I´m no Electric Engineer but I know the battery is a lithium polymer battery. From playing with drones and electric skateboards I know that the standard "nominal" voltage of Lipo batteries in the 3.7V and they should only be charged up to 4.2 V and to extend battery life (at least with my electric skateboards) should not be discharged past around 3.5V. I assume the PCB will take care of the battery charge and discharge. I havent torn into the battery to look at the PCB yet. I´ll post some photos when I get there.

I was curious where you found the small lipo - 10mm x 20mm x 2.5mm cells???? I have been unsuccessful finding replacements based on the product code as well. I did fond some small lipos for older fitbit models. Ususally with lipos this small the batteries are sold with a PCB built in (again from my experience with smaller drones, and I was hoping to find something like that.

Hunter - Reply

I ended up using a combination of the T3, H0.7 and H0.9 bits from the tool kit to get the screws out. Neither was a perfect match, though.

I also added three photos showing the next steps of disassembly.

jimcarson - Reply

One thought is the number on the front is the manufacturer ("LSSP") and dimensions ("031420") of the battery. (For example, see here:

Using this link, the model "GMB301320" (at 45 mAh) would be close.

jimcarson -

Anyone figure out the battery type yet? Just broke mine down to repo the battery. Line 1: "+ LSSP031420AB" Line 2: "- 5514 89140". Also there was a QR code on it. top "056014" bottom "50605H" side "430-0250-01"

Ryan McKee - Reply

Hey, Just a heads up to you guys, the numbers 031420 represent the sizes. ie. 3mm by 14mm by 20mm. The others characters are just reference to the manufacture I think. Google '031420 lipo' they are fairly common, try AliExpress

Mark Smith - Reply

The batteries took about five weeks to arrive, but did the trick. Fitbit reassembled and is now fully-charged.

jimcarson -

Can anyone tell me which contact is positive, which ground?

Away from home with no chance to get a charger, going to rig one up.

pabloescabar69 - Reply

Mine got waterlogged. I charged it a couple of times thinking it would work but all it did was heat up. Only after a week did I open it and see that the inside was a bit waterlogged. I took it apart and placed them ina dehumidifier so all the moisture gets sucked out. Any chance that it might still work after I reassemble it? Has anyone ever encountered this before with a chance of success? Hope to hear from anyone soon. :)

Philip Roa - Reply

I heard that putting it into rice will work. It works on my Phone when it dropped into the pool, I quickly off it and put it in the rice bucket for 2 days.

Kok Wei Khong -

Mine stopped working this summer, when i took a bath at the sea and forgot to remove the tracker. Today i opened it just out of curiosity and wew, what a mess! Half of the ICs on the logic board were disintegrated and fell out to pieces as soon as i popped the board out of the wristband. The board was covered in a white and brown crust, and even the battery showed some sort of leaking. All of this for a five minutes bath! Never understimate sea water again!

Mauro Maggi - Reply

Looking at the photos does this mean that I can easily swap the electronics from one strap to another, I have one Charge HR with a good strap but doesn't function and another with a failing strap but good tracker.

Jim Birkumshaw - Reply

Used these directions to Take the button section band from one Fitbit and put it on another. Thanks!

caylinmc - Reply

Does anyone know what the RFID-looking antenna is in the band? Doesn't look like either teardown addresses it.

Jose Bello - Reply

The rfid-looking antenna is bluetooth.

jimcarson -

Does anyone know the size of the Torx screws in the bands? My wife's keeps coming loose and that bugger is smaller than the smallest Torx in my computer kit.

sedenniston - Reply

For few seconds my fitbit was wet in the swimming pool. Then was completely disassembled and dryed.

Now when I try to charge using my computer ( usb port) appears in the LCD frame a exclamation mark followed by a simbol like a lightning ...and the fit bit can,t beggin to charge .

Does anyone know why?

What could I do to solve this problem?

Marco Antonio - Reply

Anyone does repair service?

Rafael Grullon - Reply

Weird, my charge hr has Torx T2 screws

Kevin Wang - Reply

Does anybody know if you can swap large band for a small? I broke the housing of my large Fitbit hr and was going to try to take my wife’s small Fitbit and replace mine.

Tim Distler - Reply

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