Is your Fitbit Surge screen damaged? Read this guide to learn how to replace the LCD screen. Keep in mind that the wristband will need to be cut for this guide and it cannot be reattached.

Unscrew all four black 3 mm Phillips screws on the underside of the watch using a T5 screwdriver.
  • Unscrew all four black 3 mm Phillips screws on the underside of the watch using a T5 screwdriver.

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Use an X-Acto knife to cut the band above, on either side, and in between the 2 screws.
  • Use an X-Acto knife to cut the band above, on either side, and in between the 2 screws.

  • Note: Part of the band is hard plastic.

  • Caution: Once the band is cut it cannot be reattached.

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  • Scrape away the glue beneath the hard shell portion of the band to reveal the GPS.

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  • Use a PH000 screw head to undo the newly revealed silver 4 mm Phillips screws that were hidden beneath the glue.

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  • Using a metal spudger, push down on the plastic gray square clamps on the underside of the device to dislodge the whole silver backing.

  • Note: the buttons will also come off.

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  • Use a thin tool to pry the the device apart by lodging it between the clock face and back side of the device.

  • Note: A spudger may not be thin enough to fit in the seam of the device. We used the 6 inch metal ruler from the Pro Tech Toolkit.

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  • Remove the protective cover underneath the clock face, by unscrewing the three 2 mm Phillips screws using a PH000 screwdriver.

  • Lift the protective cover to remove it and reveal the device's screen.

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  • Remove the LCD screen from the clock face.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Please note that the band cannot be reattached as it must be cut in order to replace the screen.

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Where do you purchase replacement screens?

rikconstr - Reply

Is the outer glass and screen two separate parts? If so where can I get the assembly for the outermost glass? Is the touchscreen portion of the watch the LCD itself or the outer screen? I have been searching endlessly for that part or directions on how to replace it.

Chris anderson - Reply

I took my apart because there was condensation under the touch screen. While doing this I found that there are several modifications to these steps.

1. Use a Philips PH00 as its a better fit.

2. Don’t cut the band. I was able to use a thin spudger to pry around it and get it off. If you do need to replace the band you can find one on Amazon.

3. Don’t scrape away the adhesive; you need that to re-attach the band. You may need to move some of it but you don't need to scrape it clean.

4. At step 5 I found it better to push in the single button and then pry the outer gray casing off. The buttons didn’t appear to remove after the casing was removed.

5. Before step 6: There are 4 clasps that are holding the top and bottom parts together. Those need to be removed before you can pry it open.

it - Reply

Also want to know where to buy the replacement screen or the glass ( if separate)

james - Reply

This is a nice advertisement for minture tools but we need to locate a source for replacement screens…….not screen protectors.

All the tools in the world are useless if you have no screen……no screen no need for tools.

So, where can replacement screens be sourced for the Fitbit Surge

canjockey - Reply

Check this this IFIXIT link for information on sourcing a new screen: FitBit Surge Teardown

Specific details:

I clicked on the link for the screen tech sheet. At the end is a link to where you can buy a new screen:

Price for 1 is 13.80 USD

Helpful Hackster - Reply

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