This guide can be used to remove and replace a screen on a Dell Insprion 15-3521. The tools needed are a small Phillips screwdriver, and a small flat screwdriver or like prying device.

  1. Slide both battery latches to release cover.
    • Slide both battery latches to release cover.

    • Remove battery.

  2. Remove the M2.5 X 5mm phillips screw for the CD drive.
    • Remove the M2.5 X 5mm phillips screw for the CD drive.

    • Remove the CD drive.

    • Loosen 2 screws on access door.

    • They cannot be removed

    • Remove the access door.

    • Remove 12 M2.5 X 5MM Phillips bottom palm rest screws.

    • Use a small screwdriver to press in the keyboard latches.

    • Remove the keyboard.

    • Unplug the keyboard cable at the ZIF connection.

    • Remove the palm-rest cable by releasing the ZIF latch and pulling the wire out.

    • Remove 5 M2.5 X 5mm Phillips and 2 M2 X 3mm Phillips palm-rest screws.

    • Use a small flat screwdriver to pry the palm-rest off of the computer.

    • Remove the wireless antenna

    • Remove the LCD cable

    • Remove the 1 M2.5 x 5mm Phillips left hinge screw and 2 M2.5 x 5mm Phillips right hinge screw.

    • Pry off the LCD bevel using a small flat screwdriver.

    • Remove the 4 M2 X 3mm Philips LCD screws.

    • Unplug the screen cable and remove the screen.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello good day, I have a question, I have managed to replace the screen and the computer started the first time without problems, but after I started it again the computer did not turn on the screen again, will you have any possible solution?

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