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Replace the Display Assembly of your Fairphone 2.

Image 1/2: Take off the back cover. Image 2/2: Take off the back cover.
  • Just peel off the back cover by starting at one of the corners and work your way around.

  • Take off the back cover.

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Image 1/3: Pull the battery out away from the phone. Image 2/3: Pull the battery out away from the phone. Image 3/3: Pull the battery out away from the phone.
  • Push the battery toward the top of the phone.

  • Pull the battery out away from the phone.

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Image 1/3: Flip the two blue switches to the inner position. Image 2/3: Slide the display assembly towards the bottom of the phone. Image 3/3: Slide the display assembly towards the bottom of the phone.
  • After taking out the battery you can unlock the display assembly.

  • Flip the two blue switches to the inner position.

  • Slide the display assembly towards the bottom of the phone.

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  • Another possible way of sliding the display assembly open.

Impossible de déplacer l'écran vers le bas chez moi. Je n'ose pas forcer... c'est normal?

benbahmedf - Reply

I can not slide the display assembly. Some help?

Laura Ivorra - Reply

The display sits very tight.

So you need to gently apply a little force to slide it open the first time.

It is hard to get a good grip on the two parts for a successful "magic move".

Tobias Isakeit - Reply

Leider kann ich weder mit "little force" noch mit "much force" das Display nach der Entriegelung bewegen. Wer kann mit mehr Details helfen?

Christine Heckmann - Reply

It did work for me. Make sure, you have unlocked the blue switches in step 3 (sorry, had to mention that). if you can't get a grip, you might try to lay a ruler or two credit cards on top of each other on a table that is tight at the wall,

- place the ruler/credit cards on the table and just attaching the wall

- place the PF2 with the display upside down on the table in front of the ruler/credit cards with the blue switches towards you and the headphone plug attaching the ruler/cards.

- then gently but with increasing force push your two thumbs towards the top of the main FP2 unit (or use more fingers to push both in the centre as well as on the two edges). make sure you push horizontally and that the ruler is not higher than the border of the display unit (1.5-2 mm).

(hope i could explain myself in and understandable way! ;-) )

metaworx - Reply

Thank you a lot ! This worked for me.

Nicolas Dudermel -

Thanks, it worked for us as well.

deRahier -

great tip! Thanks so much

Matthew Kelly -

Really helped! This way finally worked for me. Thanks :)

Imogen Michel -

Perfect Metaworx, it worked for me as well :)

siohdk - Reply

Your nails are slightly long? You are lucky. Hold the phone with the screen on your right palm with the blue bits facing your body. Make sure your fingernails are holding the top of the screen. Push the back of the phone with your left hand. It worked for me.

Askateth - Reply

Mit einer alten Haltekarte für SIM Cards als Hebel habe ich das Display vorsichtig abgeschoben

Joachim - Reply

Image 1/1:
  • Take off the display assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Bonjour ! Es-tu bien sûr d'avoir déplacé les deux languettes bleues vers l'intérieur pour libérer l'écran ? Si oui, n'hésite pas à appliquer une certaine force sur l'écran (appuyer et déplacer vers toi).

Oriane Petit - Reply

Keine chance das Display zu bewegen. Nach 1h versuchen und allen FP2 Tutorials Videos bin ich immer noch gleichweit. Definitiv Verbesserung würdig. Für weitere Tipps bin ich dankbar, wird es sonst wieder zurück senden :-(

Christian Rapp - Reply

Ich habe keine blauen Schalter, ich rede vom FP 1U, ist das korrekt?

Birgit - Reply

FP 1U: Ich habe keine blauen Schalter.....

Birgit - Reply

The Display seem to be stuck completely, any tips on how to move it?

siohdk - Reply

Birgit, denke ich du wollst dieser Link: Fairphone 1 Display Assembly Replacement

adameveleigh - Reply

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