Nokia Lumia 530, RM-1017, RM-1019 - How to Master Reset the phone and bypass the Password Screen Lock or erase all personal content.

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1. Switch off device. 2. Press and hold the Power button until the phone vibrates. 3. Release the Power button and immediately press and hold down the Volume Down button.  On the display will appears an exclamation mark
  • 1. Switch off device.

  • 2. Press and hold the Power button until the phone vibrates.

  • 3. Release the Power button and immediately press and hold down the Volume Down button. On the display will appears an exclamation mark

  • 4. Press this sequence of keys: - Volume Up - Volume Down - Power button - Volume Down

  • 5. The phone will restart and reset to its original factory settings.

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  • Did you do it successfully?

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how do I get this window pane remove so I can make outside calls

Tracy Sampson - Reply

how wil i unlock my phone. have tried the above method but it did not work

obiagelipeter - Reply

Thanks for the tip, it really works....

Malika Jones - Reply

Hello! Thank you so much, it's working.

rufdoniedubalan - Reply

yes, your methode is working bro

keep it up.

thank you

jay mobile - Reply

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNkssssssssssss bro

Ayesha yes shur - Reply

yeah it was a great way of solving my problem yeah

qwekujunior - Reply

Yes thank very helpful

Juliet Fraser - Reply

thanks for the help


When i try to reset this happens....instead of showing to rounded shows a sign of a spark of lighting and one gear..and it just stuck like that.

Vincet - Reply

what should i do...if that is the case..

Vincet - Reply

Did hard reset however ph just keeps shutting down and restarting none stop. Nokia 530

toyota.sprinter.1984 - Reply

So can anybody help me with my phone.

toyota.sprinter.1984 - Reply

its working..

Ronilo Yap - Reply

Nice one worked first time.

Stuart Wilson - Reply

How do I update so that I can get messenger

Stuart Wilson - Reply

Deck the Halls
With tools and Fix Kits

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for your support

knowledge chinoda - Reply

I factory reset my Nokia model RM-1018. My IMEI # is completly clean and clear... so can I swap out my SIM card for another service provider?

Do I just change sim cards and turn on, and set up service?

thebentwan - Reply

work great....

andykam08 - Reply

Nice one more power to your elbow

tijani bashir - Reply

Adi maddest commands ryt there im going to make cash with these no hard feelings

rethabilentabe - Reply

Thanks for your usefull advice

Gizmo - Reply

Thanks bro successfully working. GOOD

Aravind Vfx - Reply

I'm trying to do this without an LCD on a Lumina 530. I get the vibration on step 2 -the phone turning on. Since i do not see an exclamation mark, I just hold the button for 15-20 seconds. Right before step 4 - the sequence I get another vibrate. After that I just push the buttons as directed but no more tactile feedback. I have NOOO idea if i'm wiping the device or not. No rebooting vibration - so I'm guessing that somewhere along the way I'm jumping the gun - right?

Can someone tell me the vibration feedback along the way that I should be paying attention to?

Or another way to do this - maybe?


heni1022 - Reply

just do these steps and wait for aprox 15 minutes because this process takes a lot of time complete the recovery

jay mobile -

Thank you so much... it really works for me... Good day to you...

Ricardo Reyes - Reply

thanks for support

balaram upadhayay - Reply

flight mode not remove problem on my phone

balaram upadhayay - Reply

Lovely thanks :)

ziyaad adam abdulla - Reply

Thank you!It worked!

Kim - Reply

It just keeps restarting and showing the Microsoft symbol what do I do u can contact me at (Cell)#337-298-0132

michael trahan - Reply

great work thanx

Shanil - Reply

i do the following instruction then it just starts up again please help you can email me at thanks

shevez - Reply

plz try thish........... press power button until vibret relese the power and press ,volume down,

now you click volume down,volume up ,volume down ,power,and volume down

Ramesh Shah - Reply

i have nokia rm 1053 X+ and i already deleted system files at the heard reset time and also deleted all the files from sdstorage and format all storage location... and rebooting the mobile and now my mobile is not working... its not turning on :( can u pls help me?

Niteen Koshti - Reply

You really saved me the trouble pal

neso voke - Reply

I have a microsoft model rm 1077 and am trying to hard reset it because I've forgotten my unlock code. I've tried holding the volume down reset instructions above but I don't ever get the exclamation point to show. Any tips?

Melissa Evans Tedesco - Reply

My Nokia 530 kept starting shutting down got blue screen with ☹ , followed instructions. The operation system reinstalled. Phone works perfectly. Running windows 8.1

toyota.sprinter.1984 - Reply

Hw to reset Nokia RM 970 plz help

silence - Reply

Ok now ask for a recovery key where do I get that. thanks for the heads up

Hyck lyfe - Reply

Thanks a lot.

Kesari Mahesh - Reply

thank you kind sir

Marné Nagel - Reply

Idk what it did now my screen is frozen with a lightning bolt and a settings icon

Bill Arthofer - Reply

Idk what it did to my phone but now its frozen showing a lightning bolt and a settings

Bill Arthofer - Reply

In your case, i think, you need to charge your phone while resetting it.

make -

im doing that! what now?

fartybox34 -

Wow! This is great. It worked perfectly.

Omobemi Sule - Reply

wow thanks it worked.. ithinkithink

Lynn-Marie Kipp - Reply

I did that but now just h2 gears spinning

Lynn-Marie Kipp - Reply

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