This will show how to replace the battery in your FLIR FX security camera.

  1. Pop open the back cover of the camera battery using a plastic opening tool.
    • Pop open the back cover of the camera battery using a plastic opening tool.

    One important point, if you remove the back using this method you will break the 2 plastic standoffs that screws into the rear cover from the front of the camera. This is not to say that you won’t be able to put the rear back on, it also clips on the side. I just wanted to point this out is you ever plan on sending the camera into FLIR, its an automatic warranty void! Also, you cannot find a replacement battery on the market for this unit. You must use a 3 lead battery. One option you can do is remove the base and plug the usb power cable directly into the side of the unit. It will work this way but not have battery backup. One last comment FLIR WILL NOT sell you a replacement battery as they do not believe it is a user serviceable part so if you want it fixed you must send it in to FLIR.

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  3. Unscrew the 1.2mm Phillips #1 screws in the four corners of the device.
    • Unscrew the 1.2mm Phillips #1 screws in the four corners of the device.

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    • Next, take out the battery and the silver protector.

    • Disconnect the white battery connector with your hands or a spudger.

    I found the battery online its 13 dollars.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you know where we can find replacement batteries that fit?

albert stan - Reply

Also looking for a replacement. Have a failing pack that has bulged the case. Currently talking with support. G713140AJ does not seem to be sold anywhere.

Fred Kolbrener - Reply

So far it appears the battery was made specifically for FLIR. Their Tech support says they do not recognize the battery as a user replaceable item and recommends the unit be sent in for repair. Hopefully as time goes and more of these units fail the battery vendors on ebay and other places might begin to carry them. Until then this camera will be an expensive paper weight as it will not setup with its internal battery unplugged.

Interesting note, I took an xacto knife and carefully relieved the bulge in the battery. Some liquid came out and the battery went back to its normal size. I did plug it back in and believe it or not it actually worked. I dont trust it though as lithium Ion batteries have a tendency to catch on fire, I can just imagine what would happen to one that has been compromised.

Educated Consumer - Reply

I spent a number of weeks trying to locate this battery including emailing battery vendors that import into the US. I finally got frustrated and contacted FLIR. I spent an additional week with emails going back and forth, FLIR will not sell you the battery for this camera. You can send it in for repair (which is really not cost effective) and they will send you a replacement refurb. One other interesting fact is that FLIR is closing out this camera, it has been replaced with the FLIR Secure HD. Somehow I would bet they aren’t using the same battery, lol

Educated Consumer - Reply

It is very disappointing that Flir is not selling replacement batteries. I have multiple FX cameras with bulging batteries and they will not go into direct connect mode anymore to allow me to change the WiFi password. The new models do not have batteries and they cost more than the previous model. They have HDR support and 16 GB SD cards, but are less versatile since they are strictly indoor security cameras. Flir is still selling the old models. The warranty is only a year long and the battery started swelling shortly afterwards. I use to recommend the FlirFX cameras, but not anymore. There are other brands that cost less and have the same features with the exception of the RapidRecap, but there is very limited access to that feature with the free plan.

Technology Trainer - Reply

Ordering Ofeely 3.7v 1200mah 804040 Polymer Li Ion from Amazon - Dimensions are really close; Volts and amp hours are correct - We’ll see what happens.

William Cook - Reply

Don”t waist anymore of your time or money on flir products. They have no support and never answer the phone

Jody Garner - Reply

Don’t waist anymore of your time or money with Flir products. They have no support and never answer their phones

Jody Garner - Reply

Wow, this camera is packed with electronics in every square inch. I have one myself and I just wanted to see what tit looked like inside. I have no battery issues, but I will not open it unless I have to. I tried looking all over the web for a teardown of this camera, and this seems to be the only source. I can see why opening it can be intimidating. On the other hand, does anyone know if a custom firmware has been made for this camera? I know this is a hardware site, and reverse engineering a custom firmware for this is WAY above my, or the average joe’s knowledge. But it would be nice to add FTP, SFTP, web portal,(not just smartphone app crap), I mean a REAL web portal to this device. But, who knows. In the future someone may do it.

Willaim Nichols - Reply

No. You need any battery with Dimensions 40mm x 30 mm x 8 mm

rk3avf - Reply

Search om Amazon for

BIHUADE 3.7V 800MAH 703040 Lithium Polymer Li-Po Rechargeable Battery

You need a size 703040

40x30x7mm . 8mm is too thick

rk3avf - Reply

Non of them work! The original battery has 3 wires. All other replacement batteries come with 2 wires

rk3avf - Reply

Guys! There is second battery installed in the base of the camera! Exactly the same. You can remove it from the base and install inside the camera!

rk3avf - Reply

I ended up taking the battery out completely, and now it works fine. Just as long as there is power. I have it in an external case, so even if it is unplugged, seems to come right back online when you plug it back in. Much better behaved than with a weak/degrading battery. I am still disappointed that Flir does not offer a replacement part for a basic battery. A poor 3rd year experience. I will not buy another Flir FX, unless that changes.

Mike - Reply

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