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A common misconception with Dyson handheld vacuums, is that if the unit "pulses" on and off when the trigger is pressed in, then the motor is at fault.

This is not the case, a "pulsing" of the motor is an indication that no air flow is being detected through the unit, and is turning itself off / on to alert you.

An easy way to identify what is causing this issue, is to take off any attachment, and hold the trigger down. This should work as normal, with no pulsing from the motor. If an attachment is placed onto the unit, and the pulsing resumes - then this is your culprit!

This guide focuses on the motorised beater bar that is present with the majority of Dyson Handheld units.


No parts specified.

    • Aside the clearly visible indicators that there is an issue (debris wrapped around the bar, etc) you should be able to see through the attachment from one end to the other with a bit of manipulation.

    • This specimen is not in a happy place - no daylight is visible, the roller is heavily clogged, and debris is blocking any airflow that would usually be present. In its current state - this attachment is useless.

    • To perform this exorcism, I will be using Scissors, a few Cable-Ties, some Vinyl Gloves, and a sensibly sized coin. For those of us in the UK, a 2p coin works perfectly here.

    • Using your coin of choice, open up the compartment to the side of the beater bar.

    • The bar itself, and the retainer clip should come apart, and allow you to pull the beater bar roller out completely

    • Using your scissors, run underneath any hair, carpet, or other threads that may have wrapped around the roller

    • An easy way is to follow the lines between any of the brushes (you do not want to cut theses) - and slice through anything that shouldn't be there.

    • Once everything has been freed up, you can tease everything out by hand in clumps. Here I've just gone along the brushes and pulled out anything that should not be there.

    • There we go - that looks a bit better!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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