If bearings are worn or if fan is damaged, the replacement of the entire bearing assembly is required. After opening the case, the bearing assembly can be lifted out by hand.

Start by removing the housing cap by unscrewing it.
  • Start by removing the housing cap by unscrewing it.

  • Next, unscrew the now exposed collet nut while holding down the shaft lock button.

    • To remove the collet nut, you may need to use the small open-end wrench provided with the Dremel.

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Using your hands, carefully remove hanger from casing.
  • Using your hands, carefully remove hanger from casing.

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  • Remove the brush caps (one on each side) by using a flathead screwdriver bit.

    • The brush caps are spring loaded.

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  • Using the Torx 15 screwdriver tip, remove the 5 screws (12.5 mm) that hold the casing together.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to gently wedge apart the hard plastic threads.

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  • Use your hands to carefully remove the back casing so that none of the components fall out.

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  • To clear access to the electrical assembly, remove the variable speed dial cap and blue power lever, and set them aside.

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  • Using your fingers, carefully pull the circuit board from the casing. This will make it easier to remove the power cord.

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  • Each wire is fed through a small opening on the circuit board and held with a flat head screw.

  • Loosen the screw just enough to remove the wire by gently pulling it with your hand.

Hello I need to know or see where is plugged the blue wire, I think that know the problem it is disconnected? Thank you. if you need my e mail.

charbonneau_eric66 - Reply

  • Carefully remove both wires from circuit board with your hands.

    • Take careful note of which side has the black wire and which has the white wire.

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  • Carefully pull up on the shaft to lift out of the casing.

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  • Firmly hold the field assembly in one hand and the bearing assembly in the other.

  • Carefully slide the bearing assemble out of the field assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Nice guide. FYI, I've found that removing the rotor/bearing assembly is just as easy without removing the input power wires.

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