Multiple parts can easily break during disassembly. Proceed slowly with caution to avoid problems.

Opening the device will void your warranty.
  • Opening the device will void your warranty.

  • Anti-slip pads cover three screws that hold the device together. Pry off the pads to access the screws.

  • Remove the three screws.

  • Save the pads for reassembly.

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Once the three screws are removed, the device is ready for disassembly.
  • Once the three screws are removed, the device is ready for disassembly.

  • Push up on the rear flap while holding down on the rest of the body. This will open a small gap.

  • Insert the plastic opening tool in the gap and begin prying on the corner.

  • Continue to pry around the body of the case. Separate both sides of the case with this method.

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  • Once the sides are released, the front of the cover can be removed.

  • Use a plastic opening tool to separate the front of the cover from the body.

  • It is helpful to use a different plastic opening tool as a wedge on the sides to prevent them from snapping back together.

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  • The cover can now be removed.

  • To repair anything on the circuit board, use the plastic opening tool to pull back on the two tabs holding it down.

  • Use caution when pulling on the tabs as they are stiff and easy to break.

  • Keep the tabs if they snap off. The tabs can be reattached with glue when reassembling the device.

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  • If the antenna needs to be disconnected, desolder the connection and reattach it prior to reassembly.

  • If the ethernet ports, power port, or reset button are damaged, the large solder points allow you to replace them.

  • Many components on the board cannot be serviced. These components were attached by a machine and cannot be removed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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