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Today I will show you how to open the Toshiba satellite C55-A5285/C55-A1J2. It is the same same computer inside and you will see how to remove/replace different parts of the laptop and repair it. Or you can upgrade the laptop.

In this project I had to clean out ( dust and others) the inside of the laptop. But I will show you the rest as well.

This will work on a Toshiba made for the American market as well as the one for the European market as well. Both the C55-A5285 and the A1J2 are both same on the inside.

First of all remove the battery.
  • First of all remove the battery.

  • like always : draw a map of the laptop and paste/draw where all the screws come from or use a magentic project map.

  • remove the bottom plate of the ram and HDD.

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now remove the hdd screw ( red circkle)
  • now remove the hdd screw ( red circkle)

  • lift up the HDD

  • remove the ram by clicking the levars to the outside

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  • remove the screw , and use a spudger to remove the dvd bay. ( slide it out)

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  • remove the screw of the keyboard, orange circkle

  • turn the laptop again and remove the keyboard.

  • use a isesamo to click the keyboard off the laptop. the "click levars"( 6 of them) are under number 0 , between left arrow and ctrl, alt gr , space bar, windows button and alt and ctrl(left)

  • do it very gently , you can break the keyboard or you can break some buttons off the keyboard.

  • after clicking the keyboard loose, lift the lid of the connector socket up and remove the flex cable. you can see a picture in step 6.

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  • now you will see 2 connectors and 7 screws under the keyboard.

  • If you don't know how to remove the connectors safely see the next step.

  • remove the screws and gently remove the 2 connectors from the connectors. like always do it gently.

  • the orange circkles are the screws to remove the mainboard in a later step

  • the red squares are the connectors of the mouse pad and powerboard

  • the blue square is the connector from the keyboard.

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  • use a spudger or little flathead screwdriver to open the lid of the connectors.

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  • again : draw a map of the laptop , so you remeber where all the screws come from. Or use a magnetic project map.

  • first screws : 3 screws in the HDD compartiment.

  • screws at the side , also see the next step for the rest of the screws.

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  • remove the last screws

  • then : slide your spudger or isesamo between the bottom plate and upper plate to remove the case. you will hear clicks. be gently while sliding

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  • gently remove the plate.

  • after opening you'll see the mainboard or like we call it here in Belgium : the motherboard.

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  • in this step we will show you how to remove the fan and the cooling tubes and pads for cleaning or renewing.

  • there are 8 screws and 1 connector

  • remove the screws ( 1 screw is not on the pictures, you ll find it at the bottom of the fan) but unscrew them simultaneous.

  • remove the connector ( see picture 2 ) using an IC extractor

  • remove the cooling tubes and fan.

  • clean the pads using isopropyl alcohol. you will see pieces (remnants ?) of old thermal paste.

  • if the fan itself is broken , you can replace this by removing the very tiny screws. and remove the black tape.

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  • clean CPU and pads with isopropyl alcohol. But, like you know ,be carefull with this.

  • use gloves

  • you can also renew /upgrade the cpu, just use a flathead screwdriver to open the cpu socket.

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  • use gloves , cause thermal paste is very toxic.

  • one drop is enough on the CPU , and a little drop on the graphic chip.

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  • removing or replacing the Mainboard :

  • first remove the LCD connector: do it very gently, there are a lot of tiny thin wires, they are very breakable. you see this in picture 2, if you have to replace the whole screen, i don't have pictures of this in this guide, but we have other guides that show you how to or you can find these here at

  • remove the screw you see in picture 3

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  • in these 3 pictures: dc jack in picture one, + the connector, and the usb pcb. if you have to replace the dc jack, be gently with the connector.

  • second picture : wifi module. always remember the color code ( black and white)

  • third picture : mousepad and screws.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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