You will actually break parts of housing!

But as you can change the battery you make the trimmer last longer.


No parts required.

    • The following 5 bullets are a citation of the User Manual (you can find it at

    • Removing the rechargeable battery Only remove the rechargeable battery when it is completely empty.

    • 1 Disconnect the appliance from the mains and let the appliance run until the motor stops.

    • 2 Remove any comb and/or attachment from the appliance.

    • 3 Insert a screwdriver in the groove next to the shaft at the top of the appliance.Turn the screwdriver to separate the two housing halves (Fig. 22).

    • 4 Lift the battery out of the housing with a screwdriver. Twist the connecting wires until they break (Fig. 23).

    • Comment: the two mentioned figures are not very useful. You can start disassembling even with your fingers (start at the top). In the middle you will need the screw driver and there will break some plastic clips.

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To reassemble your device, you will probably need some tape because of the broken clips.


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