Identify The Layout before jumping into the job
  • Identify The Layout before jumping into the job

  • Find level ground to work on the vehicle gather tools that will be needed for the job

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Place jack under lifting point of the vehicle and then put blocks behind rear tires to make sure vehicle does not role while off the ground.
  • Place jack under lifting point of the vehicle and then put blocks behind rear tires to make sure vehicle does not role while off the ground.

  • Loosen lug nuts then raise vehicle off the ground.

  • Place jack stands behind both front tires of the vehicle. Shake vehicle side to side to insure it is safe to work around.

  • Before removing the tires check the play on both tires to insure that ball joints aren't warn to badly. Place hands top and bottom of tire try to move back and forwards then place hands left to right try to move back and forwards there should be little to no play do this to both sides (driver & passenger side)

  • Once test is completed then remove lugs nuts from tires & remove tires from vehicle.

  • For extra security place jack under frame between passenger & driver side so it's level with vehicles hight NOT lifting off the jack stands just for extra support.

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  • With what you reviewed in the beginning of this chapter check each component for excessive wear to identify problems with suspension.

  • To Remove calipers tap out studs top & bottom with a hammer once flush use a flat head screw driver to tap the rest of the way out

  • Remove rotor from hub to expose wheel hub bearings they are pressed so it may take a little play before it comes off.

  • Once removed clean up dirt grease ect. That has built up over time this way it insure the area won't have excessive were over time plus it will make the area more noticeable if there happens to be any other problems you may have over looked.

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  • Now that the hub has been cleaned and old bearings have been removed you can now begin with the rotors.

  • Start by wiping the inside of the rotors with a clean rag it is not necessary to clean every spec off grease out the inside of the rotors make sure no dirt or peaces of metal are left behind you can also use a flat head screwdriver to expose racers there will be one in the front and one in the back of roters.

  • Now you have located racers tap them out evenly so they won't get stuck once they are removed wipe again so the area will be ready for the new racers.

  • Now you are ready for the new racers to be installed make sure to tap them in evenly as well so that insures they will seat all the way down.

  • Now you are ready to install new bearings on the shaft make sure to pack grease evenly on bearings to insure longer lasting life with new bearings no reason to have to go back anytime soon to do this job again.

  • Insert inner bearing first making sure tapered side is facing you now place outer bearing on shaft making sure the tapered side is facing you now place roter over bearings then washer now slightly thread bolt on the shaft to hold assembly in place if need be evenly tap bearing with socket to seat a tight fit making sure not to damage bearing.

  • once roter is seated snug on the shaft tighten bolt slid bolt lock over bolt then place pin fill cap with grease then put cap back over hardwear repeat proses on other side.

  • Before you do the other side make there is little to no play with roter shake side to side top bottom left right to insure the roter seats all the way down also don't over tighten bolt check toque specs if u are unsure of how tight the bolt needs to be if it were me i would make snug then quarter turn is good enough for me but its your ride.

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  • Now that you have completed both sides double check your work to make sure you didn't miss anything

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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