I am replacing the keyboard, and by that I have to take the ENTIRE thing apart. Why not do it?

  1. Manufactured in July 7, 2012, this thing was old. Yet, it was still powerful enough to run a full version of Windows 7 Professional.
    • Manufactured in July 7, 2012, this thing was old. Yet, it was still powerful enough to run a full version of Windows 7 Professional.

      • It is powered by a intel processor i7 (performance!)

      • The built in 4GB DRAM will do fine, and the Intel HD 3000 Graphics will not be too shabby....

    • In year 2012.

    • It was a bit slow now, but still more than enough to run what a student in computer programming need to run.

    • It can even run World of Tanks! (don't expect much though)

    • TIP: A decent laptop cooler can lower the system temperature for roughly 10 degrees, lowering the temperature at intense operation from ~85 to ~75. Celceius.

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  2. The left was the power, the PRIMARY USB, and the headphone jack.
    • The left was the power, the PRIMARY USB, and the headphone jack.

    • The right sported a MINI DisplayPort. Someone says that you can connect a EXTERNAL GRAPHICS CARD!!!

      • The two different USB port use two drastically different driver. PRIMARY one is a USB 2.0 with PowerShare, the SECONDARY ONE was a USB 3.0 without PowerShare and had limited function.

    • The keyboard is metal, and the touchpad sports one single button in the middle (and I don't really like this design).

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    • TORX!

    • Sorry, inproperly armed, I cannot grand permission to enter.

    • I did had the screwdriver when I did the overhaul, but that is literally junk-COMPLETELY broken after these 12 TORX-and should be sold as scrap for making real screwdrivers.

    • Don't worry. New screwdrivers REFORGED with it is on the delivery trucks.

    • Those are Pro's Kit things, mainly because I cannot afford the iFixit ones. But why not get some?

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    • So NOW that we get those screws out of the way, shall we continue? (Yes, let's go!)

    • Before lifting up the back cover, though, check the regulatory.

    • Then just boldly lift the back cover up (make sure to disconnect the charger, as that is the only port that may get into the way)

    • No peasky under-the-hood flanges and hooks to keep everything, so once you remove the screws, it is very straightforward. (and I hate those under-the-hook..hooks that keep things in place and out hands out!)

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    • That's everything inside a very neat package! You got the speakers, the motherboard, the databoard connected to it with a very obvious ribbon cable (I like those) and the fan in between...and under that was the power outlet.

    • HEY-the speaker was suspended with shock-absorbing, damping washers, so you don't have to worry about the CPU singing together with the speaker (or your palm rest beating its drums).

    • DELL is pretty neat in doing those, even though you may still be able to snuck some ultra-slim pocket pens into the open space... Unlike my other laptop whose manufacturer begin with L..and end with o.

    • With a 47wh battery (mine was still at 80% health), it should be able to let you type stuff in for around 5 hours, for a full charge.

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    • Now. Before you want to use your common sense to dive in deep, disconnect EVERYTHING you can disconnect.

    • battery, ribbon cables for touchpad, MB--DB ribbon cable, speakers, the power socket, the fan, the antenna, the SSD (not really necessary, but you can), the display.

    • No RAM slots. too bad. But 4 GB was enough for the day.

    • Don't forget about the keyboard's TWO wires-the "keys" and the backlight. I snagged my backlight cable (not due to unawareness of its presense).

    • Use a tweezer on the cable housing, but it's OKAY to use hand as lont as you don't press it too hard. It will hold. (one of the girls in my computer programming class can, because she had tiny, delicate hands 2/3 the size of mine)

    • Anyway, remove ALL screws you have access to, and group them (the big long ones (motherboard & power socket), the big short ones (motherboard, fan), the small ones(battery))

    • LOTS of overlapped holes. (Again, DELL is quite smart for the layout. Really iving them credit.) UNLIKE my other laptop...

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    • Now, lift that big slab of battery off. (basically taking everything you can out of the thing.) Then the fan.

    • You shouldn't mix electricity with water at ALL TIMES, but the thing that made my fan and cooling fin clean like new, is a stream of water from a tap.

    • Just make sure they are 200% dry before connecting them to power.

    • Take out those speakers--those are going to get into your way when you try to lift off the motherboard.

    • Then take out the big, green pieces of boards of wonder.

    • I will update the photos when I have time.


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