• Manufactured in July 7, 2012, this thing was old. Yet, it was still powerful enough to run a full version of Windows 7 Professional.

    • It is powered by a intel processor i7 (performance!)

    • The built in 4GB DRAM will do fine, and the Intel HD 3000 Graphics will not be too shabby....

  • In year 2012.

  • It was a bit slow now, but still more than enough to run what a student in computer programming need to run.

  • It can even run World of Tanks! (don't expect much though)

  • TIP: A decent laptop cooler can lower the system temperature for roughly 10 degrees, lowering the temperature at intense operation from ~85 to ~75. Celceius.

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  • Dell. One of the top computer makers. This one being the XPS wasn't shabby, even though it is..7 year old. Motherboard is made in 7/31/2012.

  • The left was the power, the PRIMARY USB, and the headphone jack.

  • The right sported a MINI DisplayPort. Someone says that you can connect a EXTERNAL GRAPHICS CARD!!!

  • New line.Iet's find out....Go to BACK COVER.

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  • TORX!

  • Sorry, inproperly armed, I cannot grand permission to enter.

  • I did had the screwdriver when I did the overhaul, but that is literally junk-COMPLETELY broken after these 12 TORX-and is now sold as scrap for making real screwdrivers

  • Don't worry. New screwdrivers REFORGED with it is on the delivery trucks.

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